Liberals should be helping us fight back at the media, Donald Trump is not the problem…


Liberals think it’s Trump’s fault that Hillary & Bernie lost the election. So they take their anger out at Trump and his supporters like me.

In the image above are the liberal news sources that I’ve been talking about on these blogs. Those liberal news sources above are the “fake news” like I’ve been trying to teach you guys about. Liberal media aka the new tabloids. They are in bed with Democratic politicians but they hate everything “right-wing”. That’s how black & white the media is. Somebody is definitely controlling the media. Absolutely. Somebody is definitely paying the media loads of money to ram “liberalism” down our throats and I have a pretty good idea of who has been doing it. Not only that Obama & Hillary has been controlling the media, they are definitely in on it too but lets just say that all the work is done by only one man, George Soros. I can’t stand that piece of garbage like most people. George Soros living in a delusional fantasy world, thinking that’s how we view the country but we don’t. Some rich old billionaire who is not even from this country. Soros is a Hungarian so why would he care about America?

People want to deny liberal bias in the news and they actually believe that’s how we see the world but we don’t at all. We want reality in this country. We don’t want to see these whacky views by the left… all this transgender bathroom garbage, thinking that abortion is good for women, thinking that Muslims and Illegal aliens are good people, etc. I can go on all day about this. This is not how we view the world or this country. Sad how those die-hard liberals fall for all this which is how they became die-hard liberals to begin with.

What we want for this country is reality. We want to be loved as a country again and to be strong again which is a part of why we want Donald Trump to be our next prez. We’re getting tired of this “left vs. right” thing that the media has started. That’s not how we want this country to go. We’re tired of the news ramming “liberalism” down our throats and getting people thinking that’s the reality we live in but it isn’t. We want this country back to where are founding fathers viewed this country as. You get what I’m saying?

Just kill your TV and stop reading the news on the internet ’cause it’s all garbage.  A lot of us support Donald Trump ’cause we all felt bad of how the media treated the man. The more they kept at it, the more support he got. We all knew how the media treated him was bullshit. We don’t buy what they say at all. They did all they could to make Hillary look good but they failed, big time. Hillary is not the queen of England or anything like that and it scares me that people treat her like that.

Sad that some of you guys including my readers, take everything the media says seriously. You would think that Bernie getting robbed of the nomination, they would be angry at the media right now? The media treated Bernie horribly too and it’s been proven by WIkileaks that the media had helped the DNC to steal the election from Bernie. Liberals did nothing. Instead they kept following the media’s advice to go after Trump supporters. Liberals will always follow what the media says which is sad in my opinion. If they really wanted Hillary to win, they would be protesting the media ’cause they were the ones who lied to you all along. The media lies to liberals too, not just to conservatives and liberals continue to blindly follow the media. That’s because the media knows how naive and gullible they are. Those are the kind of people they target in order to win elections. Media thinks we’re dumb but we’re not. Us Trump supporters are smart enough to know that the media is bullshit and they don’t like it. That’s why the media are attacking us 10x’s harder and censoring Trump supporters online.

Sad this is all going on. I agree with most Trump supporters that George Soros needs to be jailed. He’s the one in charge of all of these riots at the Trump rallies and riots after the election. He’s the one funding all those riots and hiring all those animals. Fuck that piece of shit. I could care less what happens to that evil man.


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