Trey Gowdy finally calls out the Obama administration over Benghazi…

The Benghazi attacks has been under investigation for a couple of years now and the Obama administration refuses to cooperate in the investigation ever since the attack happened. Well, Trey Gowdy is finally upset with the Obama administration for not cooperating.

Check out these two articles:

Isn’t it interesting on how Barack Obama is still out there living his life and still being President of the United States yet he refuses to cooperate in Trey Gowdy’s Benghazi investigation? We all know that Barack Obama knows exactly what happened at Benghazi and he knows everything. It’s just that Obama is not talking. If he’s not talking and refuses to cooperate in the investigation and doing all of this stonewalling, then Obama definitely has something to hide.

Why don’t they get Obama subpoena’ed and get him to sit in front of Gowdy? Yes, a sitting president can be subpoena’ed and it can’t be that hard to do.

I’m not gonna rest on Benghazi until we start getting answers and until those who are held accountable for these crimes. Most Americans feel the same way except for the liberal left who are scared of Benghazi for whatever reason. Why don’t they care for Benghazi? Don’t they care for homosexuals? Rumor has it that Ambassador Christopher Stevens was an openly gay man and that alone was probably why he was sent over there to get killed to keep from Obama’s gay lifestyle from getting out there. So do liberals really care for gays as they “claim”? Nope, from the looks of things… all they want to do is to protect their Obama and they don’t want him to go to prison. That’s why they’re doing all they can to stop Trey Gowdy’s investigation.

Yeah, the president is willing to talk about Benghazi through TV interviews and stuff but when he does, he’ll just continue to blame the attacks on that youtube video when there’s no evidence of that.

I predict both Barack and Hillary will get busted for Benghazi soon. Barack claims “Justice will be done” for Benghazi but it’s been over 2 years and nothing has been done. I think he definitely has something to hide. I’m sure Trey has been finding a lot of new information on Benghazi like he said but I’m sure he’ll be ready to reveal it all soon when he’s ready.

If it turns out that there really was no “wrongdoing” or “no conspiracy” and if it turns out that someone else was responsible, fine but at least we’ll get answers. It’s pretty unlikely it’s gonna turn out that way. Barack and Hillary both orchestrated the attack and planned it. That’s how it’s gonna turn out to be so don’t be surprised if I happened to be right. We’ve all been suspecting that Barack and Hillary both planned it for a while now.


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