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Heidi Montag shows off her new plastic look…

Heidi Montag came out of hiding and attended The Liquid Pool Lounge Grand Opening at the Aria Resort and Casino in Las Vegas. It’s obvious the only reason she attended was that she wanted some attention with her new look. She’s obsessed with plastic surgery, everyone knows that. This is her latest look.

In my opinion, she’s a disgusting pig. That’s what she is now. She looks like a wax figure from a wax musuem. Plastic surgery is a turn off for me. I like women nice and natural. Women can look sexy and hot naturally, all it takes is good fitness and good nutrition.

This bitch is an attention whore and that’s probably all she wants. Other than Spencer Pratt, I don’t think any other guy would bang her.


Thought: Heidi Montag is the biggest bitch in Hollywood, she doesn’t even deserve a career…

I never blog about this idiot woman from “The  Hills”, Heidi Montag, but I gotta blog this one. Here is one celebrity I don’t even like at all. She is over exposed and a media whore.

This time, she goes overboard with her new Playboy cover issue that is out in stores now. Will I buy it? No definitely not. She’s not naked, she don’t show her tits or anything. Is Playboy turning into Maxim or FHM? Seems like it. Playboy is not good anymore when the magainze used to be good in the past.

She knows that showing herself naked to the world is not that big of a deal and not that hard to do, she’s doing this to piss everyone off. It’s also a stupid publicity stunt to help promote Playboy. Heidi thinks she’s too famous than us to not let us see her naked.

In this interview with her and Spencer Pratt, she said she is willing to show herself naked in her next Playboy cover….


…but still, don’t get your hopes up. When celebrities do Playboy to pose nude, they don’t really show much. There maybe like one or two photos of their bare breasts or naked ass, that’s about it.

If there were to be a female celebrity to ban from the media completely, it would not be Megan Fox. It would be Heidi Montag. I’d rather see Megan Fox do a nude Playboy pictorial and not Heidi.