Major TV networks refusing to air Obama “illegal” amnesty speech that includes the conservative network, FOX News…

This is getting crazy but it doesn’t surprise me that the major news networks including the right-wing FOX News won’t be airing Obama’s “illegal” amnesty speech live on TV tonight.

CNN will be the only liberal network that will be airing it tonight at 8 p.m. As much as I hate to hear Obama talk, I’m probably gonna watch it.

The question is, why are other major news networks refusing to air the speech? My guess is the Darren Wilson verdict. They’re waiting for that “Breaking News” story for more ratings. They know that nobody in America will pay attention to Barack’s “illegal” amnesty and everyone is waiting for that Darren Wilson verdict.

Obama is about ready to get on TV telling everybody how he is about to break the law and shred the Constitution. That will be good enough proof of his dictatorship.


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