While it’s good that the mainstream media is reporting about the blocking of Obama’s amnesty… there’s still one problem…

When it was announced today that the Federal Court of Appeals blocked Obama’s amnesty for the time being, it took a little while for liberal media to pick up on it and they finally did. While it’s good that liberal media is all over this… there’s still a problem…


They’re refusing to call it “amnesty”. I’m noticing that liberal sources like NBC, CNN and Washington Post are calling it “Immigration program” and “Immigration Reform” instead.

News sites that are not in the mainstream are calling it “amnesty”.

You see, this is just another sign that mainstream media refuses to get aggressive on Obama and refuses to call what his “policies” really are. It’s just sickening, man.

It is good news that Obama got another smackdown. Once again, stop thinking that he isn’t capable of breaking the law or disobeying the Constitution. I’m sure Obama is mad as hell about this but he have to learn that the world doesn’t revolve around him.


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