Why is the media calling them biker gangs??? They are “clubs”… not “gangs”… big difference…

A big shootout just happened in Waco, Texas between two motorcycle “clubs” w/ 9 dead and injuring others. The media is quick to calling them “gangs” but they are not “gangs”. They are motorcycle “clubs” as the title says. It’s a proven fact that bikers don’t appreciate being called, “gangs”. “Gangs” and “clubs” don’t mean the same thing.

I think part of the reason the media is quick to calling them “gangs” is so they can make them look like white thugs after all this civil unrest stuff going on. After blacks been called thugs, this is their opportunity to call whites “thugs”. They’re turning the tables. More “division” is what it is.


You see most motorcycle “clubs” are actually good people, it’s just that sometimes you run into a few bad ones. In motorcycle clubs, they go around doing good things for people like help raise money for charities and things like that. Plus, they just like to go ride on their bikes just for the hell of it.

Biker “clubs” aren’t what you see in that show “Sons of Anarchy” at all. Although, “Sons of Anarchy” is a great show.

What happened in Waco is a tragedy, though. Respect to the police. I wonder how liberals are gonna make the police look like racists this time? Should be interesting… they’ll figure out a way, though. Watch for it.


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