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Why you shouldn’t listen to movie critics, just go by your own opinion on a film and screw the rest…

I respected the legacy of Roger Ebert but he wasn’t always the greatest critic. He always had a problem of giving really good movies “bad reviews” and giving really bad movies “good reviews”. Ever since Ebert passed away, that continues to be a problem in the movie industry. Critics giving good movies “bad reviews” and giving bad movies, “good reviews”. Movie critics are wrong all of the fucking time, it’s ridiculous.

Let me tell you some examples of what I mean by that:

Good movies that critics gave “bad reviews”: 

Movie critics slammed the hell out of “Batman v. Superman: Dawn Of Justice”. It was getting slammed everywhere and movie fans went along with it. Despite the negative reviews, many people went and saw the movie and it made lots of money. Turned out to be a big hit. Even though the film got negative reviews, I thought the film was fucking amazing. I still think it was an amazing film.

Bad movies that critics gave “good reviews”: 

One movie I can think of at the top of my head that critics loved but I hated was “Mad Max: Fury Road”. Critics gave it rave reviews everywhere. I didn’t see much negative things said about the movie but when I went and actually saw it for myself, I was like, “What the fuck did I just watch?”. I didn’t like it at all. Tried to watch it again when it first came out on Bluray, my feelings on the film remained the same. I didn’t see what was so special about that film. People even went as far as calling it a “masterpiece” and I’m like really? I can think of plenty of films that were masterpieces films like “Citizen Kane”, “Casablanca”, “The Last of the Mohicans”, “The Godfather”, “Raiders of the Lost Ark”, etc. Those films, in my opinion are the true masterpieces. “Mad Max: Fury Road” was not.

I really believe movie critics are taking the enjoyment out of watching the movie. As long as they say it then it must be true. I’m not gonna refuse to see a movie ’cause a critic says it’s bad. If I want to go see a movie then I’ll go see it, I don’t give a shit what their opinion is.

A lot of critics are slamming the hell out of “The Mummy” with Tom Cruise. As long as that movie is getting slammed, it makes me want to go  see it more. As long as the critics hate it then it must be a good movie. I hate movie critics. In fact, I despise them so much. I don’t listen to any of them and you shouldn’t either. Just go by your own opinion alone. That’s how it should be.

Movie critics are getting paid a lot of money to ram their opinions down our throats. Telling us not to go see a movie ’cause they think it’s bad and telling us go see it ’cause they think it’s good. Don’t listen to these people. Just like what you like and screw the rest. That’s been my attitude for years. I would like to go try to see “The Mummy” before it stops playing ’cause it looks great, in my opinion.

There are movies that I loved that everybody hated and movies that I hated that everybody loved. Just use your own voice, use your own opinion. You’ll feel better that way, trust me.


The Mummy with Tom Cruise actually looks pretty damn good, in my opinion!!!

This movie is being hated on like crazy, already. Why? Reasons being is ’cause #1: A lot of people don’t like Tom Cruise #2: People prefer the previous Mummy trilogy with Brendan Frasier. They still want the Rick and Evie characters. Well get over it, crybabies! This is Hollywood. Things got to evolve and move forward, ya know? I hated the Mummy trilogy with Brendan Frasier ’cause they were nothing but action films and popcorn flicks. That’s not how I wanted to see the Mummy. I want the Mummy to be horror. Kind of creepy and scary. This Mummy movie with Tom Cruise looks to be more on the “scarier” side. In my opinion, I think this movie actually looks pretty interesting and I’m probably gonna go see this one. I want to see a Mummy movie that has a story and plot which the Brendan Frasier movies didn’t have. The Brendan Frasier movies had way too much CGI and shit. This new movie probably has a lot of CGI too it looks like but not as bad as those Brendan Frasier movies.

I still don’t know why Tom Cruise gets hated on so much. I’ve always respected that man despite his belief in Scientology. He’s a great actor and made a lot of good films.


Look like Tom Cruise starring in “The Mummy’ reboot is true after all ’cause it is now official!!!

I know Tom Cruise has already been set to star in Universal Pictures “The Mummy” reboot for a while but at the same time, I’m finding it hard to believe. Tom Cruise in another major movie franchise? It’s no secret that Tom has done plenty of big movie franchises over the years in his career most notably: the Mission Impossible movies (which I love very much, btw!). Now Tom picked up another big franchise.

I know people are sick of reboots but I actually agree with this one ’cause those “Mummy” movies with Brendan Fraser were horrible. I hated the Brendan Fraser “Mummy” movies, didn’t like any of them. I like the idea of Tom Cruise starring in them instead.

The Mummy reboot just landed another cast member, Annabelle Wallis.


Will the new Mummy reboot with Tom Cruise be a typical popcorn action flick full of CGI? It probably will end up having action scenes yes, definitely. If it’s gonna be an action movie, you know Tom will want to do his action stunts for real. He wants his action scenes to be “real”. Tom does most of his own stunts in his action movies and he will probably want to do his own action stunts for the Mummy movie too.

I know Tom Cruise isn’t everyone’s favorite but come on, y’all. You can’t deny the fact that Tom Cruise doing his own stunts that could get himself killed is pretty courageous of him in my eyes which is why I totally respect the hell out of him. The man’s got balls for sure. He did some dangerous stunts that could kill him in the Mission Impossible movies but survived all of them. Tom is definitely not afraid of heights for sure as I’m sure he’ll do even more dangerous stunts for this movie.

In my opinion, Tom doesn’t deserve to get so much hate. To me, I love the guy’s work as an actor. I think the man is very talented despite his Scientology beliefs. I’m actually looking forward to the Mummy reboot film.