The Mummy with Tom Cruise actually looks pretty damn good, in my opinion!!!

This movie is being hated on like crazy, already. Why? Reasons being is ’cause #1: A lot of people don’t like Tom Cruise #2: People prefer the previous Mummy trilogy with Brendan Frasier. They still want the Rick and Evie characters. Well get over it, crybabies! This is Hollywood. Things got to evolve and move forward, ya know? I hated the Mummy trilogy with Brendan Frasier ’cause they were nothing but action films and popcorn flicks. That’s not how I wanted to see the Mummy. I want the Mummy to be horror. Kind of creepy and scary. This Mummy movie with Tom Cruise looks to be more on the “scarier” side. In my opinion, I think this movie actually looks pretty interesting and I’m probably gonna go see this one. I want to see a Mummy movie that has a story and plot which the Brendan Frasier movies didn’t have. The Brendan Frasier movies had way too much CGI and shit. This new movie probably has a lot of CGI too it looks like but not as bad as those Brendan Frasier movies.

I still don’t know why Tom Cruise gets hated on so much. I’ve always respected that man despite his belief in Scientology. He’s a great actor and made a lot of good films.



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