Keep in mind libtards, Obama got “Time – Person of the Year” twice… keep bringing up Hitler, idiots!!!

Comparing Trump to Hitler just because he won “Person of the Year” this year is pretty fucking stupid. Hey libtards, just a reminder that Obama won “Person of the Year” twice in 2008 and 2012… of course you didn’t bring up Hitler back then. They want to make it seem like Trump winning “Person of the Year” is a bad thing cause Hitler and Joseph Stalin got it too? Stalin got it two times actually.

2012 Person of the Year: Barack Obama, the President

I’m tired of libtards and NeverTrump idiots bringing up Hitler all the time when it comes to Trump. Obama is the true Hitler, always have been. Trying to take our guns away is what Hitler tried to do back then. Plus Obama had many Americans killed and had people killed overseas too. Benghazi was kind of Hitler-like. Obama wants to ignore the constitution and the law most of the time and that isn’t Hitler-like? Also Obama hated Jews like Hitler. For more read this link:

Obama did some pretty evil things to America and if Hitler was still around, he would be a big fan of Obama for sure.


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