Congrats to Rex Tillerson being named for SOS…

Great news and a great pick too! Finally Trump picked a businessman for his cabinet which is what I was hoping for! I’m glad he didn’t pick Romney or Petraeus myself. Ya see? Trump does listen to the American people and gives us what we want. Trump is not like Barack Obama who goes for things that he wants even if the American people doesn’t like it. That’s not Trump at all, he actually listens to people. Everyone wants to act like Trump is dumb but he’s not. I totally believe in him 100% and trust him 100%. Trump promised not to let us down and he’s doing exactly that. He is being careful not to hurt the American people. Trump knows exactly what he’s doing, y’all. Don’t listen to the MSM fake news and don’t listen to those crybaby & delusional liberals.

Congrats to Tillerson, I hope he finds some big stuff about Benghazi and I’m sure he will. Watch out Hillary and Barack! I’m glad Trump picked an unknown figure for SOS instead of someone recognizable and well-known.



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