Report: The new Pee Wee movie to be aimed at kids? Paul Reubens explains the plot…

Now that Judd Apatow has been named producer, Paul Reubens explains the plot for the next Pee Wee movie. Yes, it will be a “Playhouse” movie, but most of the movie will be taken place outside of the playhouse, in the outside world. It won’t be the real world like how we are living right now like “Big Adventure” was, but this movie will have characters mostly being puppets. There will only be two scenes in the, Playhouse.

So sounds like this will be a family friendly version of Pee Wee for kids and family?

More on it here:

In my opinion, the movie shouldn’t be aimed at kids. It should be aimed for audiences in their 20’s – 30’s. That’s how the age range was at the Pee Wee live shows in Los Angeles, I believe. Maybe this movie will still be aimed for adults, could be. Reubens could write a lot of inappropriate Pee Wee jokes that kids shouldn’t be hearing. Pee Wee’s live shows is mostly like that.

From the sounds of things look like Pee Wee will be the only human in the film and the rest of the cast will be puppets being voiced by big name actors?


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