Thought: My prediction on “Brock vs. Shane” for UFC 116

Well this is it. UFC’s most anticipated fight is finally here and the long awaited return of Brock Lesnar will be tomorrow night. Yes, of course, I will be watching. I can’t miss it ’cause like most UFC fans, I’ve been looking forward to this one myself. I’m a huge Brock Lesnar fan and yes, of course, I think Brock is gonna win, no matter what happens. Yes, the fight is going to be a brawl and it will be a war. No matter how tough Shane gets in the fight, Brock will do whatever it takes to win. Some would think the fight will be very quick in the first round, but I don’t think it will.

Both dudes are pretty much the same size. Both have pretty much the same power and strength. I think the fight will end with an unaminous split decision possibly. I think it will be a back and forth fight, it will be a pretty bloody one too. It’ll be yet again, another victory for Brock. Brock will not lose the belt to anybody. I read that Cain Velasquez will fight the winner of this fight and it will be Brock.

During Brock’s long hiatus, I’m sure he has been doing so much training. So I’m positive Brock will be tougher and stronger than he ever was before. Other than that, just because these two guys are big and tough, still doesn’t mean the fight will be a good one even though this fight is highly anticipated. It can turn out to be a very bad fight and it might come out with a dissapointment. Brock can still lose too, never know.

The UFC 116 Card looks like a good one. Looking forward to the other fights too. Can’t wait to see this ppv tomorrow night. Hopefully, “Brock vs. Shane” will be a good fight and won’t be a boring one. I’m pretty sure they will put on a nasty fight.

The reason Brock could possibly lose ’cause he was sick and he might lose some fight in him because of that, never know. We’ll wait and see what happens. Yeah, Brock is still gonna be champ.


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