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Cool Video: “American Reunion” trailer arrives online today!!!

“American Reunion” which reunites all the cast from the first “American Pie” movie, the first teaser trailer arrives online, and it’s in redband. The film stays true to it’s crude sexual humor. I’m looking forward to it. I like the American Pie movies with the original cast. I’ll be seeing this one in theater. I like a good comedy once in a while.


BREAKING NEWS: Shannon Elizabeth set to reprise role as Nadia for “American Reunion”…

Now you can call this an official, “American Pie” reunion because the whole gang is confirmed to return! Just announced today, Shannon Elizabeth is on board to reprising her role as Nadia for “American Reunion”.

The first movie made her famous because of her nude scene in the film. I’m pretty sure she’ll have another nude scene for the new, “American Reunion”, film too.

Deadline, reports.

I really loved the first, “American Pie” movie, but I didn’t like the sequels though. The first one was actually a great film.

While I mostly watch action, horror and drama films…I like to watch a comedy once in a blue moon. Watching a funny comedy can really brighten up your mood.

Maybe I’ll write up a list of some of my favorite comedy films of all times.


Report: Alyson Hannigan officially joins “American Reunion”…

Alyson Hannigan is set to reprise her role as Michelle Flaherty for the “American Reunion” aka the American Pie sequel. I’m glad that she’s going to be in it, because it wouldn’t be considered a real “American Pie” reunion without her, if you know I mean. Now that she’ll be in it, I’ll go see it because she was one of the best characters of the series.

If they can get Shannon Elizabeth to do a cameo, then we’re set!

Deadline, reports.