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BREAKING NEWS: Stone Cold Steve Austin inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame!!!

It finally happened. Stone Cold Steve Austin aka The Texas Rattlesnake has been inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. He will be inducted in his homestate of Texas, the night before Wrestlemania 25 on April 4th at Houston’s Toyota Center.

Stone Cold has been known as a beer drinking redneck who had many classic matches, memorable storylines/feuds, and most of all, he is most well known for feuding with Mr. McMahon which never seems to end.

Expect Stone Cold to make some kind of appearance at Wrestlemania 25 like be special guest refferee again or maybe even wrestle his final and last match. The Vince vs. Stone Cold feud is pretty important to the wrestling industry because that feud helped WWE become more mainstream in the first place.

From WWE.com:


They still need to induct the Rock and the Undertaker, hope those two guys will be inductees this year as well!!