Why is the Undertaker not in the Hall of Fame???

Each time it’s Wrestlemania season, there is always talk about the WWE Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame started in 1993 where they inducted Andre The Giant first. The WWE Hall of Fame has been going on for 24 years now and they’ve never inducted a WWE legend by the name of the Undertaker. The most famous and most recognizable star in the history of WWE.

The Undertaker has been in WWE for 27 years now. He has accomplished so much in the wrestling business. His real name Mark Calloway who plays a mysterious character who is supposed to be dead. He defeated almost every superstar you can think of.

I mean who doesn’t like the Undertaker? Every wrestling fan respects the hell out of this guy. There are even people who don’t watch wrestling at all and non-wrestling fans even like him.

So why isn’t the Undertaker in the Hall of Fame yet? I’m sure the WWE wants to put him in there and they are dying to… maybe it’s because the Undertaker himself doesn’t want to be in yet? Maybe Mark aka the Undertaker is waiting for retirement and then he’ll put himself in there. Who knows? The Undertaker is a legend for sure and one of the best performers in the business.

On WWE Network, I’ve been watching a lot of old WWE ppv’s from the 80’s – 90’s and yes, I’ve been watching plenty of old Undertaker matches. The guy is such an incredible performer. Each match he did was always so exciting. I loved both characters he played, The Deadman and The American Badass in which he had a biker gimmick at one point.

The guy is a genius, though. Mark Calloway slowed down on performing though ’cause I believe he’s on his way to retirement. Will his match against Roman Reigns at WM-33 this Sunday be his last?

Anyway, the Undertaker really needs to be in the Hall of Fame. I’m glad Kurt Angle, DDP and Ravishing Rick Rude are finally being inducted tonight but what about ‘Taker? I’m sure they’ll get ‘Taker in soon but the sooner the better, though.


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