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Wrestlemania 36 is still happening but it’s being moved to the Performance Center with no audience…

Yes… Vince McMahon aka the chairman/owner of WWE was late on making a decision for this year’s Wrestlemania which will be the 36th one. Originally, the event was going to be taken place at the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, FL but due to COVID-19, Vince decided to move Wrestlemania to the Performance Center in Orlando, FL but the show is gonna have no fans in attendance. The first Wrestlemania in history with no freakin’ audience!

In the beginning, fans were wondering if Vince is ever gonna cancel Wrestlemania due to the Chinese Virus outbreak and many even wanted him to cancel it like everyone else is cancelling events like crazy. For a while Vince wouldn’t do it. Then it was said that if Vince doesn’t cancel Wrestlemania, the city Tampa would have cancelled it themselves and I believe that’s when Vince finally decided to make a decision to move the show to the Performance Center in Orlando.

People wanted Vince to cancel Wrestlemania but you can’t cancel the biggest show ever in the world of sports and entertainment. You can’t do it. Really, one thing that wrestling haters out there will never admit is that Wrestlemania is the biggest event ever. I’m pretty sure Vince thought long and hard on whether or not to cancel ’cause keep in mind, it’s a very difficult decision to make. I’m sure it was driving him crazy which is why it took so long for him to finally respond.

Even though Wrestlemania 36 will be in a smaller venue with no live crowd, I’m still gonna watch Wrestlemania since I watch it every year. The headlining main event for ‘mania this year is Brock Lesnar vs. Drew McIntyre and it’s a shame they won’t be performing that match in front of 80,000 people or over. Instead, they’re going to do that match with no fans. All the fans will be watching at home either through the WWE Network or on PPV.

I’m still looking forward to Wrestlemania this year. It might be boring watching it this year since no live crowd to cheer and boo them on ’cause that’s what made Wrestlemania special over the years, the crowd reaction. It’s going to be weird seeing a WM without an audience but I’m watching anyways.

I’m happy Wrestlemania is still happening, though.


Wrestlemania 35 predictions tomorrow night…

Since Wrestlemania 35 is tomorrow night, some of you will probably wonder what my predictions of the matches will be. I won’t name all predictions for all matches since it’s a big card but I will name some of them.

Becky vs. Charlotte vs. Ronda for the SD/RAW women’s champ: I got Ronda on this one.

Brock vs. Seth: I got Brock on this one. He’s gonna retain the Universal Champ for sure.

Daniel Bryan vs. Kofi for the WWE Title: I got Kofi on this one.

Triple H vs. Batista – No Hold’s Barred retirement match: I got Triple H on this one.

Shane O’ Mac vs. The Miz: I got the Miz on this one and this will probably be one of the best matches on the card.

Kurt Angle vs. Baron Corbin: I got Kurt on this one.

AJ Styles vs. Randy Orton: I got AJ on this one and this will probably end up being a great match too.

Roman Reigns vs. Drew McIntyre: I got Drew McIntyre on this one and predicting this one will be a quick squash match.

As for who John Cena’s secret Wrestlemania oponnent is gonna be, I’m thinking either Bray Wyatt, Lars Sullivan, The Undertaker or maybe Sting. We’ll have to see.

Looking forward to WM35 tomorrow.


WWE Network is surprisingly great, it’s a keeper!!!

Well I finished my 1 month free trial of WWE Network and to my surprise, it’s really good stuff so I think I’m gonna keep my subscription for sure. Over the past month that I’ve kept WWE Network, I’ve watched the first 16 Wrestlemania ppv’s on it. The WWE Network has every ppv they ever did on it so you can watch a lot of old school wrestling on there. Like I said, I’ve been watching all the old Wrestlemanias on there like the Wrestlemania shows in the 80’s and early 90’s. I’ve already seen all Wrestlemanias but it’s great to re-watch them all ’cause it’s fun to look back. Bring back memories of the old days of wrestling which is pretty much what “WWE Network” is here for so you can re-live the past.

I remember the old days of wrestling back in the 80’s and 90’s when wrestling used to be good. That was back in the days when they used to call it “wrestling” but currently they don’t call it “wrestling” anymore obviously.

I’m a lifelong wrestling fanatic so I think I’m definitely gonna keep “WWE Network”. It’s a nice streaming service. It’s not just a streaming service, it’s also a 24 hour wrestling channel, you can watch live TV on it too.

Last night I watched “WWE Payback” ppv on it and it was pretty good. “WWE Payback” was surprisingly a great ppv. Most every match was good on it except for the dumb McMahon segment. As for my thoughts on the wrestling business today, there are way too many new superstars I’ve never heard of before but lets just say that I’m a huge fan of AJ Styles and Kevin Owens. Those guys are awesome and we’re looking at future main eventers here. The wrestling business changes and evolves every now and then. Superstars come and go, that’s all there is to it.

I’ll always have a love and passion for the professional wrestling business. I’ll always be a fan. While Vince McMahon is a genius businessman and all, he’s just terrible at the writing part, though. Makes you wonder why RAW constantly loses ratings.

WWE Network is great stuff and if you’re a wrestling fan yourself, I’d recommend it.


Just signed up for WWE Network so I can watch Wrestlemania 32 for FREE tomorrow night!

So I just signed up for a free month trial of WWE Network today so I can watch “Wrestlemania 32” for FREE tomorrow night. I signed up for WWE Network ’cause I didn’t want to pay $60 to $70 for a ppv, that’s why I signed up for WWE Network.

To be honest, I’m actually really impressed with WWE Network. It’s actually very good stuff! WWE Network is pretty similar to Netflix in a way, just a wrestling version of it. WWE Network has every episode of RAW and SMACKDOWN. It also has every WWE ppv including all the old Wrestlemania’s and Royal Rumbles. It even has WCW and ECW on there too.

This also means I get to watch old school wrestling ’cause I love old school wrestling. That was back in the days when wrestling was “wrestling” and it used to be good back then. In order to help celebrate Wrestlemania tomorrow, I thought I would watch some old school wrestling later this evening and I will! I plan on watching some of the older Wrestlemania’s and stuff.

Even though I don’t like how WWE is going today, I still love professional wrestling. I’ve always had loved wrestling ever since I was a kid and still do love it. I just want WWE to improve and get better but they never do.

Looking forward to WM-32 tomorrow night and hope it doesn’t suck!


WWE Network will have every PPV ever made for streaming that includes WCW/ECW…

WWE listed every ppv that will be made available for streaming on the upcoming WWE Network. That includes all WWE ppvs — even the ppvs in the 80’s from the first Wrestlemania to today’s. Also, every WCW and ECW ppv will be on there. Btw, the ppv’s would be streamed in their entirety, I would believe.

This is a great service for long time wrestling fans and newbies.

I’d like to subscribe to this service myself but can’t afford it at this time but I will get it someday.

Even though I stopped watching WWE today, I still have a love for professional wrestling, though. I will always love the old days. Since I never watched much of WCW, I’d like to watch all of the WCW ppv’s on there. The reason WWE has WCW and ECW on there is because WWE own both of those companies now so therefor, WWE owns the complete WCW/ECW library.

See the full list, here.


WWE finally announces, “WWE Network” for the launch of Feb. 24th, and I actually think it’s pretty cool!!!

Last night, the WWE finally announced the launch of “WWE Network” which is a 24/7 streaming service for Feb. 24th of this year! The WWE have been planning this for many years and this is finally happening this year. What’s the “WWE Network” going to be about? What’s gonna be on it? Well, I watched some of the announcement show online last night and here’s what I learned about “WWE Network”.

You will be able to watch every WWE PPV the WWE has ever made. PPV’s from all 12 of their ppv events and yes, that includes all of their “Wrestlemanias” and “Royal Rumbles”. You wanna watch all the old RAW and SMACKDOWN episodes? No problem, they’ll all be on there. Wanna re-live all the 80’s wrestling and the 90’s Attitude Era? No problem. All that stuff will be on there. Never got to watch any old WCW Nitro or ECW? No problem. All that stuff will be on there too! There will be much more wrestling material to watch on there too like reality shows and stuff.

And the price of subscription is only $9.99 a/ month!!! At first, I kept thinking that this was gonna be very pricey but $9.99 a month is actually pretty cheap! That’s not all though, this is not only an internet streaming thing. You can watch “WWE Network” pretty much anywhere. You can watch ’em on your Iphones, Ipads, kindles, PS3/PS4/Xbox, etc.

More info on, “WWE Network” here.

This is pretty cool actually! WWE bought the entire WCW/ECW library and even though they say that only 300 episodes will be on there for now… I’m sure the entire library will be on there soon enough. This is a new thing for them and it will get bigger.

Honestly, I think this is WWE’s way of competing with Netflix, pretty obvious don’t you think? I do like it, though. Since I’m a huge wrestling fanatic, I would love to watch all the old-school wrestling again.

I don’t care for the current direction of wrestling — I hate how it is today — but I will always love the old-school wrestling, though. The old days of WWE was the greatest.

I’m probably gonna end up subscribing to this but not right away, though.


WWE to make major announcement Monday…

WWE.com reported this weekend, that they will make a major announcement for the company this coming Monday at noon. They will hold a live press conference, featuring Vince McMahon, Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, The Rock and John Cena.

It is being speculated that the location for Wrestlemania 30 will be in New Orleans will be announced, or the WWE Network (the 24 hr. wrestling channel for cable TV) will be confirmed, or the announcement could be both.

While it would be cool if the announcement will be that they will finally drop the PG rating and return to TV-14, that’s probably not gonna be it. Like they always say, anything is possible in the WWE, so ya never know.

Maybe the announcement could even be another Hall of Fame induction too? If Scott Hall is going to make the Hall of Fame finally, that would be worthy of a press conference announcement, instead of announcing it on RAW.

Read, the report, here.