Just signed up for WWE Network so I can watch Wrestlemania 32 for FREE tomorrow night!

So I just signed up for a free month trial of WWE Network today so I can watch “Wrestlemania 32” for FREE tomorrow night. I signed up for WWE Network ’cause I didn’t want to pay $60 to $70 for a ppv, that’s why I signed up for WWE Network.

To be honest, I’m actually really impressed with WWE Network. It’s actually very good stuff! WWE Network is pretty similar to Netflix in a way, just a wrestling version of it. WWE Network has every episode of RAW and SMACKDOWN. It also has every WWE ppv including all the old Wrestlemania’s and Royal Rumbles. It even has WCW and ECW on there too.

This also means I get to watch old school wrestling ’cause I love old school wrestling. That was back in the days when wrestling was “wrestling” and it used to be good back then. In order to help celebrate Wrestlemania tomorrow, I thought I would watch some old school wrestling later this evening and I will! I plan on watching some of the older Wrestlemania’s and stuff.

Even though I don’t like how WWE is going today, I still love professional wrestling. I’ve always had loved wrestling ever since I was a kid and still do love it. I just want WWE to improve and get better but they never do.

Looking forward to WM-32 tomorrow night and hope it doesn’t suck!



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