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If wrestling fans aren’t happy with the WWE… here’s an idea… start watching TNA Impact instead!!!

Just so you know that there is another wrestling company called TNA Impact that could use more support. They already do have a lot of support ’cause TNA Impact is getting bigger.

Instead of WWE fans threatening to unsubscribe to WWE Network, why don’t they all give up watching WWE and watch TNA instead? I used to watch TNA a lot and thinking about starting to watch them again.

If you want actual “wrestling” and sexy women, watch TNA instead. Best of all TNA has Kurt Angle who all the wrestling fans like. Fuck WWE.

Someday, I think TNA is gonna be bigger than WWE. It’ll happen. Love TNA or hate ’em, they are becoming more successful.

TNA Impact was a company founded by wrestlers Jeff and Jerry Jarrett but later Dixie Carter took over the company. TNA Impact has a lot of former WWE guys you might recognize.

TNA does have some problems in their writing and matches too but hey, at least they still brought us actual “wrestling”. TNA is not a bad company. TNA is the company that has wrestlers such as Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, Bobby Roode, Awesome Kong, etc. You should check ’em out yourself.

I think one day WWE fans will switch to TNA and many have already done that.


WWE “Royal Rumble” backlash have gone viral… wow!!!

When something like this makes InfoWars PrisonPlanet, you know this have gone viral. It doesn’t surprise me, though.

Vince McMahon maybe a great businessman and all but he sucks when it comes to the creative writing part of WWE. It’s undeniable that the man is crazy and is a bit of an egomaniac.

Will WWE be forced to go out of business when they get too many fans boycotting them? No. WWE is too powerful of a company. They’ll always be around no matter how much backlash they’re in. Vince claims he just does what’s best for business but I don’t buy it. He just does whatever makes him rich.


Triple H and Stephanie just got my full respect now!!!

I was never that big of a fan of Triple H and Stephanie over the years in the WWE but after this story, I am a fan of them now!

This is pretty cool. On TV, Triple H was playing a heel character with his group, The Authority on RAW as he stood at ringside while watching Kane, Seth Rollins and Big Show beat up John Cena. Triple H was smiling and laughing through the whole thing playing the heel character as he was but a young child sitting at the front row was upset and started crying. Triple H breaks character goes up to the child, hugs him and apologizes. Then Stephanie comes and joins in.

As you see in the article, Triple H and Steph invited the kid backstage to hang out.–abc-news-celebrities.html

Pretty cool story and makes me respect Triple H and Steph even more now. They are really good with children ’cause they are parents themselves. Yeah, while Triple H and Steph play a storyline married couple on TV… they are also a real-life married couple off TV.

I never really liked them that much ’cause I don’t like how they’re taking control of the company just because Triple H is married to the boss’s daughter but after what they did here, I’ll have a change of heart with them, I guess.

The WWE guys are really good with kids. That’s what they do this for to perform for children and make them happy. While most people know that wrestling isn’t real… keep in mind that a lot of children thinks it’s real. Well, most wrestling fans used to believed wrestling was real when they were a kid. I used to think wrestling was real when I was young myself.


Sting is probably gonna win the Royal Rumble this Sunday…

Sting the legendary WCW/TNA star just made his RAW debut last night. Yeah, I watched WWE RAW and it was surprisingly a really good show! All the way through! Yeah, the Road to Wrestlemania begins. The Royal Rumble is this Sunday and I think Sting is gonna win the 30 Man Royal Rumble matchup. That’s why I think Sting appeared at the end of RAW last night so the WWE can let fans know that Sting is gonna be a part of the Rumble. Sting is probably gonna make a Rumble entrant.

Yeah, I took a really long break from watching WWE but I’ve just gotten back into it. Started watching again last week. I usually start watching again around Wrestlemania time.

Will I watch the Royal Rumble this Sunday? Probably not ’cause it’s gonna turn out to be not a very good PPV. The Royal Rumble ppvs haven’t been that great for the last several years.

Sting is probably gonna win the Rumble this Sunday so he can headline Wrestlemania for his last match. It’s probably gonna end up being Sting vs. Triple H as the headlining main event at this years ‘Mania.

Yeah, I’m a big time wrestling fanatic and geek. I don’t feel ashamed of it and I’ll never grew out of it. I will always love professional wrestling ’til the day I die. I respect the wrestlers and the business. They work hard for what they do by entertaining fans and I respect them for that. Love ’em or hate ’em, they work very hard.

I just don’t like where WWE is going with their product and want them to get better. Bring back the good wrestling and good storylines. Like everybody else, I’m tired of the WWE shoving John Cena in our faces. That’s another reason I take breaks from WWE from time to time.


Why I don’t agree with Hulk Hogan inducting “Macho Man” Randy Savage in the Hall of Fame…

Before Randy’s tragic death, the real-life feud between Randy and Hulk Hogan is well-documented. Here’s a few videos for you to see for yourself. Randy never liked Hogan and I’m sure Randy is rolling in his grave with WWE’s decision on having Hulk induct him.

I wish the WWE Universe would get some kind of petition going and try to get the WWE to have somebody else induct Randy in the Hall of Fame. Hogan is a horrible choice.

Hogan himself often talks about his feud with Randy over the years but the last thing you wanna do is trust Hogan and believe in his lies. I’m almost 100% sure it’s not true that Randy and Hogan buried the hatchet before Randy passed.

What was Vince thinking agreeing Hulk to induct Randy?


Former WWE star, CM Punk, announced that he have just joined the UFC…

There have been a lot of drama and controversy over CM Punk’s sudden departure over the WWE. What happened was back in the Royal Rumble ppv in January earlier this year, Punk was the first man to enter the 30 rumble matchup and he lasted until the final four at the end… Punk got eliminated and lost the Rumble match. Punk didn’t appear on RAW the next day. There have been a lot of mystery surrounding Punk’s departure until Punk finally revealed why he disappeared from WWE all of a sudden. He went on a podcast show and claimed he was “fired” on his wedding day by Vince McMahon. Just not too long ago, Vince McMahon went on Stone Cold’s podcast show and admitted that it’s true that Vince fired Punk on his wedding day and apologized to him.

It’s sad that CM Punk is gone from the WWE. Sad of what went down between him and Vince. Like most wrestling fans, I love CM Punk too. He’s been my favorite wrestler and performer for a long time. I stopped watching WWE ever since he left last year.

In the video above is CM Punk himself announcing that he has signed with the UFC full time and he will make his MMA debut in 2015.

What do you think? Do you think Punk has what it takes to fight in the Octagon? UFC is real fighting and pro wrestling isn’t. Doing a little reading on Punk, he never had any MMA experience. Punk spent most of his life on pro wrestling. We’ll have to wait to see how Punk will do in his first MMA fight.

Since it looks like that Punk signed a full time contract in the UFC, it looks like we won’t be seeing Punk back in the WWE anytime soon which is sad. Punk is a great performer and wrestler. He’s also one of the best on the mic as he delivers the best promos in wrestling.

I wish him good luck in his new UFC career.


Chris Jericho… why I respect the hell out of him…

I may have stopped watching WWE for a long while but I’ll never stop loving all the wrestlers and I will always respect the company’s superstars. Chris Jericho who is also known as, Y2J is one of those wrestlers who I respect a whole lot. I just read his first two books, “A Lions Tale” and “Undisputed” (both of these books are really good, btw). I haven’t read his third book, “The Best In the World” (which just came out not too long ago) but I will get around to it soon. I’ve been a Jericho fan for many years. Pretty much followed his entire WWE career. He’s a great wrestler, great performer and great entertainer.

Most importantly of all, he seems like a good guy in real life too. Why do I look up to him so much? I  just like the way he talks and the way he thinks. He’s a pretty intelligent guy and very honest. I just think he tells the best wrestling stories than any other wrestlers out there. Yeah, other wrestlers tell wrestling stories but Jericho is the best at it. If you want proof of that… listen to his podcast show, “Talk Is Jericho” and read his books. After I read his first two books and listening to his podcast show, this stuff is bringing back a lot of memories from the old days of wrestling. So far, I remember all of this stuff. I also enjoy listening to Jericho’s conversations on music and metal.

His podcast show “Talk Is Jericho” is very good. Ever since IOS 8 was made, the new Podcast app came up. “Talk Is Jericho” is the only podcast show I listen to and so far, I listened to the first 59 episodes. The podcast is addicting. Seriously, it’s the only podcast show I listen to. I don’t listen to other podcast shows. Jericho’s podcast is the only one worth listening to, in my opinion.

I respect this man a whole lot ’cause I admired him for making his dreams come true and working hard to entertaining people. He has a passion for it and he’s very good with his fans too.

I haven’t gotten into his band Fozzy yet but gonna plan on getting their albums soon. I just respected him for his wrestling career. I hope to get my chance to meet the guy sometime if he’ll ever do an autograph signing around here sometime in the future.

This guy is an icon in wrestling and we have a future WWE Hall of Famer for sure.

If you ever asked me who my favorite wrestlers of all time are, here are my top 5 in no order:

Chris Jericho Y2J

Ric Flair

Mick Foley

Ultimate Warrior

The Undertaker

Even though I stopped watching WWE… I haven’t been watching for over a year now… I will always be a wrestling fanatic, though. I just prefer the older days of wrestling like 80’s through the 90’s. I don’t like today’s wrestling at all.