Chris Jericho… why I respect the hell out of him…

I may have stopped watching WWE for a long while but I’ll never stop loving all the wrestlers and I will always respect the company’s superstars. Chris Jericho who is also known as, Y2J is one of those wrestlers who I respect a whole lot. I just read his first two books, “A Lions Tale” and “Undisputed” (both of these books are really good, btw). I haven’t read his third book, “The Best In the World” (which just came out not too long ago) but I will get around to it soon. I’ve been a Jericho fan for many years. Pretty much followed his entire WWE career. He’s a great wrestler, great performer and great entertainer.

Most importantly of all, he seems like a good guy in real life too. Why do I look up to him so much? I  just like the way he talks and the way he thinks. He’s a pretty intelligent guy and very honest. I just think he tells the best wrestling stories than any other wrestlers out there. Yeah, other wrestlers tell wrestling stories but Jericho is the best at it. If you want proof of that… listen to his podcast show, “Talk Is Jericho” and read his books. After I read his first two books and listening to his podcast show, this stuff is bringing back a lot of memories from the old days of wrestling. So far, I remember all of this stuff. I also enjoy listening to Jericho’s conversations on music and metal.

His podcast show “Talk Is Jericho” is very good. Ever since IOS 8 was made, the new Podcast app came up. “Talk Is Jericho” is the only podcast show I listen to and so far, I listened to the first 59 episodes. The podcast is addicting. Seriously, it’s the only podcast show I listen to. I don’t listen to other podcast shows. Jericho’s podcast is the only one worth listening to, in my opinion.

I respect this man a whole lot ’cause I admired him for making his dreams come true and working hard to entertaining people. He has a passion for it and he’s very good with his fans too.

I haven’t gotten into his band Fozzy yet but gonna plan on getting their albums soon. I just respected him for his wrestling career. I hope to get my chance to meet the guy sometime if he’ll ever do an autograph signing around here sometime in the future.

This guy is an icon in wrestling and we have a future WWE Hall of Famer for sure.

If you ever asked me who my favorite wrestlers of all time are, here are my top 5 in no order:

Chris Jericho Y2J

Ric Flair

Mick Foley

Ultimate Warrior

The Undertaker

Even though I stopped watching WWE… I haven’t been watching for over a year now… I will always be a wrestling fanatic, though. I just prefer the older days of wrestling like 80’s through the 90’s. I don’t like today’s wrestling at all.


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