Went to WWE “Supershow” last night in Glens Falls, it was a total blast…

Last night, I went to a live WWE show called, “WWE Supershow” in Glens Falls NY at Cool Insuring Arena, I think it’s called.

I don’t go see live wrestling a lot but I do when I can. I love watching live wrestling. It is definitely way more fun watching pro wrestling live in an arena than watching it on TV for sure.

The goal for the WWE Supershow to have shows that features both RAW & Smackdown rosters having matches on the same show. Given by the title, “Supershow” that means a show full of the biggest stars on both rosters.

I had a blast last night. It was a good time seeing all the current talent you see on WWE TV week after week performing live in person. Pretty much all the huge stars were there: Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch, Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens, Roman Reigns, Sheamus, etc. Crazy but fun. Even all the newer talent were there. Bobby Lashley made a surprise appearance even though he wasn’t listed in the card.

Most of the matches were “so and so” but it didn’t matter… it was still a blast seeing all the current stars live.

Now that live entertainment came back after a lockdown, it was refreshing for me to go out and see a live show ’cause I definitely needed that.

This is what professional wrestling is all about. That’s what wrestling is here for. It’s all about the live show, ya know? That’s why wrestlers do what they do, perform in front of crowds.

Here were the results from last night if anyone cares:

I did buy something from the merch table. I bought an RKBro shirt which is the name of a tag team that has Randy Orton and Matt Riddle in it. I’m a fan of that tag team now so I bought their shirt. Randy Orton wasn’t there last night but Matt Riddle was to have a singles match.

It’s good to go out and see live entertainment whether a pro wrestling show or a live concert. I would love to go see a rock concert at some point but a lot of venues are “vax only” and I vow to never get vaccinated so thankfully WWE isn’t super strict on “vaccines”.

It was a fun night last night, though and it was a great time seeing all the current stars including Roman Reigns and the Usos who is known as a faction called The Bloodline.

WWE events are a good event to take your kids ’cause there were kids all over last night. WWE continues to be family friendly but still fun. I continue to be a wrestling fan and not ashamed of it. I’ve been a wrestling fan ever since I was a child to be honest. Never gave up on it.


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