Vince McMahon interview on the Pat McCafee show… entertaining as hell, really!

Yesterday afternoon, I watched Vince McMahon’s interview with podcaster, Pat Mcafee live on his youtube show. I watched it from start to finish. I must say that it was a very interesting and entertaining as hell interview really. Vince, the CEO and chairman of the WWE and Pat McAfee a podcaster turned WWE Smackdown color commentator. Pat is a really good interviewer and good talker, I can see why Vince hired Pat to be the color commentator on Smackdown.

This interview goes over about an hour long and if you don’t feel like watching the whole thing, I’ll give you a small recap.

On Pat’s show, anything goes. It’s a no holds barred, anything goes podcast/show so guests on his show can talk whatever and however they want. They can swear too so yeah, you can betcha Vince drops a lot of F bombs which is cool. A different side of Vince you’ve never seen before.

Pat is not afraid to ask Vince some hard hitting questions and he asked plenty of hard questions. Vince seems okay with it and he answered everything.

Some of the topics that I found most interesting that were talked about…

  • Vince was asked about the roster cuts like all those superstars that were released/fired over the past year or so. Vince’s response that he just does what is right for business. Not a clear answer really.
  • Vince was asked why he ignores “wrestling” and everything about it. Vince’s answer to that one is that his father Vince Sr. ran the company a similar way, Vince Jr. is just doing it the way his father did it. Vince also said there will always be wrestling in WWE.
  • Pat asked Vince why he made himself a wrestler over the years… well Vince replied saying that the feud with Stone Cold forced him into being a wrestler/performer himself. Vince had to be the most hated bad guy ’cause of it.
  • Vince was asked about the Monday Night Wars and AEW. Vince said he enjoys confrontation.
  • Vince said he listen to audience but a portion of the internet audience can be biased and so he doesn’t listen to any of it. (meaning Vince doesn’t like the “wrestling smart” community? Which is no surprise really…

A lot of people want to hate on Vinnie Mac but I don’t know why. I respect him. Always did. He gave us all this, ya know? Wrestling. Without WWE, we wouldn’t have gotten WCW, TNA, ECW, ROH, AEW and all these other wrestling promotions that are out there. Plus Vince is a legend himself and he was a great performer in his own right.

I respect Vince even more after this interview. Vince is a very soft spoken guy but he’s actually surprisingly pretty smart. Vince doesn’t do interviews that much and I try to watch/listen to all of them.


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