A couple of more Blu-Rays to add to my movie library… “Fast 9”, “Venom 2” and “The Suicide Squad”…

Well, here’s a couple of more movies I bought from amazon that I’ve been wanting to see but never got around to it. Now I own these, I’m gonna get around to watching these this weekend. All 3 of these look good so I can’t wait see ’em.

I’ve seen the first Venom movie not too long ago so I can get ready for the second one, “Let There Be Carnage”. I’ve seen the first 8 “Fast and Furious” movies and yes, I’m a huge “Fast and Furious” fan so I had to get 9 to complete that series. As far as “The Suicide Squad” goes, I’m a huge superhero nerd and I try to watch all superhero movies as much as I can so I’m looking forward to this one. I saw the first “Suicide Squad” movie with Jared Leto as the Joker, though, haven’t seen this one yet.

I just noticed that I bought two movies with WWE star, John Cena in them ’cause he has a role in “The Suicide Squad” and “Fast 9”. Yeah, I do like John Cena but that’s not the reason I got these movies. I wanted to see them ’cause they look good. Plus, “The Suicide Squad” has Stallone voicing that shark character so that would be interesting.

I’ll give my review on these after I see them. I still gotta review the new “Dune” which I will in a new post.

Yeah, I still love watching and reviewing films. It’s just one of those things I’ve always liked to do.


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