As odd as this sounds, Slash never liked playing guitar in front of people even though he’s considered one of the greats…

Guitar icon, Slash maybe considered one of guitar greats… he helped Guns N’ Roses become one of the best selling bands of all time and Slash had other great projects like with supergroup The Velvet Revolver, he also had a solo career and his longtime project with vocalist Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators… Slash has always been “self-conscious” and “insecure” about his own playing. He never liked playing in front of people and never liked wearing headphones in the studio.

He maybe one of the great rhythm and lead players but he always get so scared playing for people. Some of you may ask, if he doesn’t like playing for people, why does he always constantly tour with all of his projects? Well, I’ve read in other articles, he wears his top hat as a way to help him play more confidently on stage.

Read this little interesting article from Guitar World.

Slash maybe one of the greats but he has always been shy and insecure about his playing. He just plays guitar for himself pretty much and the way I see it, that’s how you play great guitar is play for yourself and not be a “show-off”. Slash was never the “show off” type like, “Hey, look what I can do, think you can play better than this?”.

Slash has always been a humble guy and that’s one of the reasons he’s respected.

Slash is a genius at both rhythm and lead. He’s definitely a riff master and he’s a fine acoustic player as well. Speaking of Slash, I’m a fan of all his bands and projects. I love Guns N’ Roses, Velvet Revolver and all the stuff he did with Myles Kennedy. Speaking of Slash & Myles Kennedy, I forgot they just released their 4th album this year and I have the first three. I forgot to grab their fourth album from Itunes but I’ll grab their new album sometime in the future.

Slash rules. He’s always been one of my favorites and he’s definitely one of those that sparked my own interest in guitar as well.


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