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I think Edge was one of the first wrestlers to retire at such a young age…

Over the years of professional wrestling, when wrestlers retire from the business, most of them retire at such an old age. Many wrestlers retire around the age of 45 – 65. I’m pretty sure that Edge is the first wrestler to retire at such a young age. Edge, whose real name is, Adam Copeland, is only 37 years old. Yes, he’s surprisingly that young.

For the past year or so, Edge, keep teasing wrestling fans that a retirement is up ahead. Turns out that this is serious and real. It’s not a storyline retirement. The most iconic wrestlers are leaving us like crazy: Stone Cold, Ric Flair, Mick Foley, Shawn Michaels, etc. Triple H is also planning a future retirement. They’re all leaving us. The wrestling world.

I was never a big fan of Edge. Never cared for his wrestling and gimmick. I also thought he was kind of overrated, but I did respect him as a performer though. He did have some pretty memorable matches. I think the best match he ever did was the first “Money In the Bank” ladder match in which he won that one.

This is why the WWE keep shoving John Cena and Randy Orton in our faces, because most of the top guys are gone. There’s hardly anybody left anymore. It’s sad really.

What’s next for Edge? Will he stick around WWE but as a performer and not as a wrestler or will he move on from the wrestling business for good and start a new career? He might be another wrestler to start a full time movie career. Edge can’t wrestle anymore, he was forced to retire out of that. He’s been diagnosed with spinal stenosis, so if he continued to wrestle and if he got injured again, he could end up on a wheel chair for life. He had a long history of injuries over the years. That’s why Shawn Michaels and Stone Cold were forced to retire because of their long history of injuries. Shawn always had a problem with his back, and Stone Cold had a problem with his neck.

While WWE is fake and scripted, injuries do happen for real in professional wrestling. Accidents happen just like any other job. I think Edge should be the special guest referee for the John Cena vs. The Rock match at WM-28, that would be his perfect final appearance in WWE.

Edge had a great career with many classic moments. I wish him well in his future. In honor of Edge, check out the video below.


Thought: About “Spiderman” in Broadway, accidents and injuries controversy…

Yes, I’ve been following it. How the Spiderman shows in NYC are having too many accidents and injuries. The shows sets and stunts have gone wrong, that actors are getting injured. Want to know what my thoughts on this? I know y’all don’t wanna hear this, but it needs to be said. Here’s the deal…

When I heard that Julie Taymour is going to do a “Spiderman” Broadway show in NYC, I said to myself, “Is she kidding me? How the hell is she going to pull this off?” The thing is, bringing comic book super heroes to the theater stage would be very difficult to do. It’ll take a lot of professional stunts and crazy effects that would be impossible to bring to the live stage. If anything, I think the crew behind this broadway show hired the shittiest stunt men for the show.

Bringing Super hero movies to the big screen in the movies is appropriate because that’s much easier to do, but doing it for Broadway theatre would be very dangerous. If they were serious about this, “Spiderman” musical, they would take their time to rehearse their stunts, so it can be for their own safety. It seems to me that the actors doing their own stunts weren’t professionally trained.

They should just cancel the whole thing for good. They would never successfully have a good Spiderman show, ’cause they will keep getting more injuries if they keep at it.


BREAKING NEWS: Randy Orton seriously injured for real from last night’s WWE “Over the Limit” ppv…

If you want some sad news, here it is. WWE Superstar, Randy Orton, was seriously injured from last night’s WWE “Over the Limit” ppv. I didn’t watch it, by the way. It was Randy Orton vs. Edge in a single’s match. The match was cut short (it wasn’t in the script), after the referee noticing that Randy was wincing in pain. It was then discovered that Randy dislocated one of his shoulders.

More on it here:


You ask, how can wrestlers get injured when wrestling is fake? Yes, wrestling is fake…but not all of it. Wrestlers can get injured for real, but by accident. Anybody can get injured on all jobs, it’s the same with wrestling. Keep in mind that these wrestlers doing a lot of physical things, and even if you do a fake move…you could get a bad muscle strain or a pull or a superstar can get something worse. Randy Orton has a history with shoulder problems and if his shoulder keeps getting worse, his professional wrestling days could be over for good.

I’m not sure how badily injured Randy Orton is, and not sure how long he’ll be out of WWE. He might not be gone at all and might show up on RAW tonight. It’s a real injury so Randy Orton could be gone for a long time. Like him or hate him, Randy is one of the best performers in WWE. Great worker. He’s a great wrestler, excellent on the mic, has a good look, good physique, etc. He has it all. He has everything what a wrestler is supposed to be.

To those who don’t know, Randy Orton is the son of wrestling legend, Cowboy Bob Orton. Randy had always been one of my favorite superstars even when he is heel. If he’s going to be gone for a long time to heal up, the WWE would be crap without him.


Report: Three main event matches for “Wrestlemania 25” confirmed!!!

At Wrestlemania 25 this year, there will be three huge main event matches. The headlining main event will be “Randy Orton vs. Triple H for the WWE Champ”, then there is “Big Show vs. Edge for the Heavyweight title”, and then there is, “Shawn Michaels vs. The Undertaker”.

This means that John Cena does not have a match yet, leaving him options that he could wrestle against either Hulk Hogan or Stone Cold Steve Austin. Hogan and Austin are both rumoured to be wrestling at ‘Mania this year, but not against each other. If Hogan is confirmed to wrestle John Cena this year, then Stone Cold will probably wrestle Jericho. Those are just rumoured plans for ‘Mania, but the confirmed matches above are definitely happening.


Report: Vicky Guerrero and Edge romance storyline…this is why I don’t watch Smackdown anymore…

This blog about Vicky Guerrero hit the nail on the head. The blog explains why Smackdown is so bad is only because of the Vicky Guerrero and Edge romance storyline. This is possibly the worst thing that the WWE ever done, it’s no wonder why no one watches Smackdown.

Click here to read the blog about it:


And on top of that, Vicky Guerrero (pictured above) is a horrible actress and she needs to be fired off WWE soon. The only reason she is performing in WWE is that she knew that is what her real husband Eddie would have wanted. If Eddie was still alive, Eddie and Vicky would be performing storylines together instead of Edge and Vicky.

Before she signed on to perform in WWE as the Smackdown General manager, everyone was feeling sorry for her ’cause of Eddie’s death, but now everyone is despising her. To be honest, I don’t mind Vicky performing on WWE, but please, just not with a stupid romance storyline with EDGE! It’s in bad taste. It’s disrespectful to Eddie in my opinion. I’m sure Eddie himself would have loved this storyline because Eddie has always been known to perform in the weirdest storylines which what made Eddie so entertaining to begin with. Edge is not entertaining.

WWE is never going to get higher ratings if they don’t stop writing bad storylines. We want good storylines and more wrestling just like in the Attitude era back in the 90’s when Stone Cold and the Rock used to be around, those were the best days of WWE.  Today, WWE continues to go down the toilet. The only good thing going today is Triple H being champion again.