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“AEW: Full Gear” ppv, I watched it and it was very good. It showed what wrestling fans really want!

Well, so I watched the latest AEW wrestling ppv titled, “Full Gear” last night. The card was pretty impressive so I couldn’t miss it. I wanted to watch the two big main events Chris Jericho vs. Cody Rhodes and Kenny Omega vs. Jon Moxley ’cause I knew those two matches were gonna end up being the best matches of the night and they were. I was very impressed with last night’s AEW ppv. I enjoyed every match. They were all very good but like I said Jericho vs. Rhodes and Omega vs. Moxley were the best.

I’ve been watching AEW ever since they started with their very first ppv “Double or Nothing” and this company is getting better and better. Last night’s ppv “Full Gear”, AEW showed what WWE has been missing all these years: “wrestling”. That’s what fans watch these shows for… fans want to see good wrestling and WWE doesn’t give us that anymore.

AEW knows what kind of wrestling matches we want to see. We want to see matches that tell a story. We want to see thrills and chills and excitement. AEW definitely gave us all that last night which is what WWE has been missing for years. We want to see good wrestling back. WWE matches over the last decade or so has been boring as fuck… they used to be really good in the 80’s and 90’s but WWE has been crap lately and they aren’t getting any better even though they try.

I want to talk about the thrilling Omega vs. Jon Moxley match from last night, though. Their match was called “Lights Out” and it was an unsanctioned match so this match means anything goes. It was a hardcore match. It was a very violent and dark match all the way through and it went on for almost an hour or a little more. They were using all kinds of weapons, barbed wire, chains, etc. There was also a lot of blood too. That “violent” match was nothing new. We had “extreme” hardcore wrestling in the WWE back in the 90’s and there was ECW wrestling but “extreme” wrestling took a long hiatus until now. Hardcore wrestling is officially back and AEW brought back hardcore wrestling.

Watching that match last night Omega vs. Moxley, made me realize how much I miss hardcore and extreme wrestling ’cause I’m a big fan of that style of wrestling. You don’t see that style of wrestling in WWE anymore ’cause WWE banned it since they went PG. After that match last night, I hope WWE is waking up and realizing we want that style of wrestling back. During the Hardcore and extreme era in the 90’s, that’s where Mick Foley as Cactus Jack, Terry Funk, Tommy Dreamer, RVD, The Sandman, the two Holly Brothers – Hardcore and Crash and the Sandman were all a part of in the old WWE and ECW days.

Last night’s AEW ppv was only the beginning, though. I think we’re about to see more and more of Extreme Wrestling in AEW in the future, absolutely. When is AEW going to put on their first steel cage match or a Hell in a Cell style kind of match? I’m sure they will. They are still a pretty new company and they will give us their first “cage/Cell” match very soon, I’m sure.

I am loving AEW more and more and I think Tony Khan is doing a very good job. Tony Khan who is the owner of AEW definitely knows his wrestling for sure and he definitely knows what fans want to see.

AEW is so refreshing, though. So nice to see them calling it “professional wrestling” and not “sports entertainment”. That’s how it should be. If you’re a wrestling fan yourself and if you’re not watching AEW then you should. You’re missing out on some good stuff. Start watching AEW Dynamite on TNT Wednesday nights.

Now I want to start getting some AEW t-shirts soon and I will. I want to get a t-shirt with the All Elite Wrestling logo on the front of it. I also want to get a Chris Jericho shirt, a Kenny Omega shirt and a Adam Hangman Page shirt ’cause they are my favorite now. Man, I hope AEW will start putting on shows in Albany, NY ’cause I would love my chance to see them live in person. What they’re doing is really good.

I’m sure the McMahon family and the WWE are getting really worried now after last night.


Triple H is growing more frustrated with the way Vince McMahon has been running WWE… about freakin’ time!!!!

Not only that WWE fans are unhappy at the way Vince McMahon has been running RAW/SD Live and the PPV’s, Triple H is just as frustrated as much as we all are. Triple H maybe Vince’s son in law in real life and Triple H maybe C.O.O. of the WWE in real life so you may think that Triple H must kiss Vince’s ass most of the time. Well, Triple H did play the “yes man” with Vince up until now. Triple H is now getting frustrated on the way Vince has been handling WWE creative storylines and booking.

Check out this story to see what’s been going on lately…


Ya know, I really believe that Triple H should take full control of WWE and Vince should leave. Vince really is hurting wrestling fans and he doesn’t even realize it. The WWE are trying all they can to improve the product but no matter what they do, the ratings get worse.

Vince McMahon thinks he knows what the fans want but in reality, he doesn’t at all. I think he doesn’t realize that what the fans want to see is that they don’t want Vince ignoring wrestling. That’s what Vince has been doing and it’s what we don’t like about WWE. The company ignoring wrestling and treating it like family entertainment is what we don’t want.

Vince really needs to wake up and step his game up or else the new wrestling company AEW will take over the WWE’s spotlight easily. AEW (All Elite Wrestling) is coming. They got a ppv coming on TV called “Double Or Nothing” next Saturday night and soon, AEW will be aired on TNT channel weekly. Once AEW gets on TV, I can see WWE fans switching to AEW and AEW could become next big wrestling federation.

Us WWE fans just want to see good wrestling back ’cause the matches on WWE shows lately have been nothing but shit. Vince really needs to bring back “wrestling” and end this PG rating crap.

I predict AEW will take over the WWE’s spotlight ’cause AEW will give us a lot of things that WWE don’t do. AEW will give us “wrestling” and that’s why they’re about to explode in the industry. Just wait.