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Brock defends wrestler, Chris Jericho……again….

WWE Star, Chris Jericho, is in the news again. Of course, every time this guy returns to the business and if he does something controversial, he becomes a big target in media news. Remember, a while back, I think a few years ago, that Jericho was in the news, for getting into a fight with a female fan after a house show? (He punched her in the face…) Well, here is something new this year. Jericho and CM Punk were performing a match at a House show in Brazil.

CM Punk was waving the Brazil flag for the fans, but Jericho took the flag away, and kicked it out of the ring. See the video here, at TMZ.

Brazilian police came close to arresting Jericho for it ’cause it’s against the law to desecrate flags in their country, but Jericho apologized for it and they let him go, but WWE suspended him for 30 days instead.

You guys, Jericho is a bad guy wrestler, a heel. That’s what heel wrestlers do, they’re supposed to do offensive things to get, “heat”. They’ll do whatever it takes to get the crowd booing ’cause that’s what a heel’s job is supposed to do. It’s all part of a wrestling show. I’m sure Jericho doesn’t hate Brazil, this is just part of his act.

On top of all this, heel wrestlers do this stuff all the time in the business over the years, but the way the industry is today, since wrestling is so mainstream, everyone wants to think of “wrestling” as real. Chris Jericho is a great performer. One of the best heel wrestlers around. If he can get himself in the news, get himself in the media being a bad guy “wrestler”, he’s doing all the right things. Whether it gets himself in trouble in real life or not. I mean, how many heel wrestlers out there do something offensive and they don’t make media news? Not too many. You have to do something drastic, in order to get everyone’s attention in a wider scale and Chris Jericho can do that.

That’s what make him a talented performer. Now, it wouldn’t surprise me if this gets turned into a wrestling angle next week on RAW. It’s hard to take things seriously in wrestling. Hard to tell whether these things are real or not. I still support Jericho. He really didn’t mean what he did. He was just being a performer, and that’s his job.


Report: Chris Jericho to take time off from WWE again???

Rumours are swirling the nets that WWE star Chris Jericho could be quitting WWE or take some time off again. Why? Since he has a pretty big tour with his metal band, Fozzy, that is what’s putting his WWE career in question.

There are rumours that Jericho wants to concentrate on Fozzy full time and hoping to start an acting career.

I find this a shame that Jericho is about to go from WWE soon ’cause I feel it’s too early for him. He’s too young to be quitting. Jericho is just getting at the top of his game in WWE and he’s about to throw it all away. Jericho’s been on his twitter page, hinting that he’s leaving WWE soon. Just last night after his “Night of Champions” ppv appearance, Jericho tweeted this.  So does this mean Jericho won’t appear on RAW tonight? We’ll have to wait and see. I think he’s teasing but he might appear on RAW tonight, never know.


Report: Chris Jericho finally didn’t get away with something this time, he’s arrested along with Gregory Helms…Matt Hardy also involved…

WWE Supertar, Chris Jericho is in more controversy when not performing WWE shows. This time he got into another public brawl at a gas station in Kentucky. Chris didn’t walk clean with this, as he actually got arrested this time. Along with fellow wrestling buddy, Gregory Helms aka “The Hurricane”. Matt Hardy was involved but he wasn’t arrested, according to TMZ look like Matt Hardy fled the scene and resisted arrest! Jericho and Helms were out drinking late at night probably at some bar, so they took a ride in a taxi cab, so at least they did a smart thing and not drive…but they ended up getting arrested anyways for being out in public drunk off their ass. At the gas station they got into a fight with several people.  Jericho and Helms posted bond and it was only $120 to get out of jail, lol.

More on it here:


That’s the thing with wrestling folks. Since Matt Hardy, Jericho and Helms are all heel wrestlers on TV, and when wrestling fans see them out in public, these heel wrestlers get heckled by fans. That’s probably what happened. Since the wrestlers were out partying all night and drunk off their ass, they probably got in their WWE heel characters in front of the crowds at the gas station. It’s all part of a wrestling thing. These wrestlers seem to have this addiction in bringing their storyline characters in the real world. That’s my take on how this happened. These wrestlers are having too much fun with these heel characters that they escalate it out in the public.

The people that started the fight with these wrestlers are probably young wrestling fans that think everything is real on TV, so heel wrestlers get picked on in the public. You may think of this as WWE filming this as a segment for a storyline but it wasn’t. Just wrestlers being huge egos as usual.

It’s no surprise to me that Chris Jericho maybe an alcoholic since he has a terrible bodybuilding physique. Sad. If Jericho was more healthier and didn’t drink, he would have a better physique but his body is terrible. I wonder if WWE will suspend them for this?


Report: Chris Jericho in trouble for using gay slur at Horror Film Festival in Sacramento…

First Chris Jericho gets away with beating up female fans after a RAW show in Canada a while back, now the wrestler is getting himself into more trouble. Chris Jericho, the WWE Superstar, attended the Horror Film Festival in Sacramento, California where he had a speech on stage there in front of an audience. Using his usual wrestler heel persona he used gay slurs in hopes of TMZ posting his name all over the website, which that exactly happened. TMZ is now all about Chris Jericho.


GLAAD does not accept his apology and reported the incident to Vince McMahon, chairman of the WWE.


Whose side am I on? Definitely Jericho’s! When Jericho said TMZ would be all over it if he did something controversial, Jericho did it as a joke. He was making a point that if celebrities did something controversial, the media would be all over it, that’s why he brought Paris Hilton’s name into his speech. When he said, “It’s apple juice f*gs, post it all over TMZ, Chris Jericho, Chris Jericho, Chris Jericho…go ahead post it”.

I thought it was pretty funny, it made me laugh. Vince McMahon won’t fire or suspend Chris for this, Vinnie Mac would love it and say that Jericho is doing a good job at being the wrestler badguy like he always is.

I mean, Jericho never lost respect from his fans after the Film Festival because here he is meeting fans after the show.


Report: Afa the Wild Samoan training Mickey Rourke for Wrestlemania 25…

This article reports that Afa the Wild Samoan, who is Mickey Rourke’s trainer for the movie, “The Wrestler” is reuniting with Rourke for Wrestlemania 25. Does this mean that Afa is training Rourke for Wrestlemania 25? Does this mean that Mickey Rourke will do a lot more moves in the match with “Chris Jericho vs. The Legends” then punching in the face? That’s what its looking like, so I think Mickey Rourke will be part of the action with Jericho’s match this Sunday at Wrestlemania.

More on it here:


I’ll be posting my “Wrestlemania 25” winner predictions later today.


Cool Video: Chris Jericho on TMZ, talks trash at Mickey Rourke some more, makes fun of Barack Obama…

TmZ catches up with WWE star Chris Jericho in NYC…it’s a good two minute video where TmZ asks him about Mickey Rourke and Barack Obama.

See this funny video here:


Imagine walking the streets of NYC and suddenly you see Chris Jericho walk by. If that happened to me, I would have stopped him for an autograph and a picture taken with him.

Notice there are no crazy WWE fans stopping him for an autograph or a picture taken. I guess those Victoria, B.C. videos scared people off? People are afraid to meet Chris Jericho now and they should be!

I won’t be afraid to meet the guy.


BREAKING NEWS: Chris Jericho will not face charges against Victoria wrestling fans…

Everyone remembers the controversial youtube videos where Chris Jericho was caught getting into fights with young WWE fans outside of an arena in Victoria, B.C. after a RAW house show.

Chris Jericho, the profesional wrestler was accused of assault and starting the fight by calling an asian fan a bunch of racist names, and Chris was confronted by a bunch of angry WWE fans later. The videos showed Chris being angry at security, accusing them of not doing their jobs, while Chris is being assaulted by WWE fans and he attacked the fans in return for self defense. This incident happened after Chris was leaving the RAW house show for the evening.

Chris Jericho will not be charged with anything due to no evidence being proved. Even the videos in youtube couldn’t prove his guilt. The Victoria police already brought Jericho into questioning, not arrest him, but just questioning him.

Chris Jericho, is set to wrestle a match at Wrestlemania 25 against Roddy Piper, Ricky Steamboat, and Jimmy Snuka with Ric Flair in their corner. Mickey Rourke will be watching at ringside, and Rourke will somehow be in action too. Whether Rourke will help the Legends win and pound the hell out of Jericho or Rourke teams up with Jericho either way. Rourke will be there. Wrestlemania takes place on April 5th.

The Canadian Press reports:


Jericho catches a lucky break on this one. Now that I think about it, Jericho never did anything wrong. He was just a guy leaving a WWE show for the night and fans just wouldn’t let him leave. Stupid kids that obsess with wrestlers. As long as people are hating on Jericho for real, then he’s doing a great job being a heel character in the WWE. That’s the name of the game with the wrestling business folks. WWE doesn’t care if people hate on these wrestlers ’cause that’s what they are supposed to do. 🙂


Wrestlemania thought: Will Mickey Rourke help Chris Jericho win the match against the Legends at ‘mania 25? Brock here thinks so…

Everybody thinks that Mickey Rourke will interfere the “Chris Jericho vs. Piper, Steamboat, Snuka” match to help the Legends win, but hate to burst your bubble, wrestling fans, but I don’t think how that’s gonna end. To keep the  match unpredictable and shocking, I think there’ll be a little bit of a twist to it.

Could Rourke actually turn into a badguy, and maybe team up with Jericho? Rourke turns his back on the Legendary wrestlers and sticks by Jericho’s side?

There is NO fucking way, Chris Jericho is going to lose this match. I mean think about it. Jericho has got Piper, Steamboat, and Snuka all against him, possibly Ric Flair to join in on the action too, so that makes it 4 against one. It doesn’t make sense that Jericho could battle all those guys by himself, so it makes sense that Jericho is going to get some help.

I can’t think of no one other than Mickey Rourke to help Jericho win the match. Yes, Rourke will interfere, the WWE will make it look like that Rourke is about ready to punch Jericho, but instead, Rourke knocks out one of the other legends in the match. Creating controversy that’ll get the crowd booing.

Why would Jericho want to lose to a bunch of legends at ‘Mania? Jericho is a top star. Rourke turns heel and helps Jericho. WWE loves this kind of stuff.

This is not a match spoiler, it’s just a prediction that’s all it is. Feel free to write in your thoughts on this.