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Hear a song by Fozzy here…

Chris Jericho have been playing some new Fozzy songs on his podcast show and from what I’ve heard the new Fozzy album is pretty damn good. I think I’m gonna get it pretty soon.

I think this band deserves more mainstream recognition ’cause they’re pretty good, in my opinion. If Chris wants to go far in his music, I think he should retire from wrestling for good and focus on music full time. Fozzy isn’t too bad at all. I dig ’em.


Report: Chris Jericho to take time off from WWE again???

Rumours are swirling the nets that WWE star Chris Jericho could be quitting WWE or take some time off again. Why? Since he has a pretty big tour with his metal band, Fozzy, that is what’s putting his WWE career in question.

There are rumours that Jericho wants to concentrate on Fozzy full time and hoping to start an acting career.

I find this a shame that Jericho is about to go from WWE soon ’cause I feel it’s too early for him. He’s too young to be quitting. Jericho is just getting at the top of his game in WWE and he’s about to throw it all away. Jericho’s been on his twitter page, hinting that he’s leaving WWE soon. Just last night after his “Night of Champions” ppv appearance, Jericho tweeted this.  So does this mean Jericho won’t appear on RAW tonight? We’ll have to wait and see. I think he’s teasing but he might appear on RAW tonight, never know.