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RIP Verne Troyer 1969 – 2018


Kind of bummed about this one ’cause Verne Troyer was awesome. Yes, like most I’ve first heard about him through the two Austin Powers movie that he starred in alongside with Mike Myers. Verne wasn’t in the first Austin Powers movie but he was in the 2nd and third. I watched all 3 Austin Powers movies and liked all 3 of them. I mostly watch Action and horror movies but sometimes I like a good comedy film.

Verne has starred in other movies besides Austin Powers. He was a stunt man for some films and had small roles in other movies like Harry Potter and Men In Black. Verne was also a big WWE fan as he was a RAW General Manager guest host once in which he did a good job at (see video below).

Even though the guy was an alcoholic for most of his life and had loads of personal problems in his private life, he seemed like a really good dude publicly, though. He seemed like a nice guy for sure even if I never met him.

No cause of death has been announced yet but I’m sure we’ll hear something soon. It was probably alcohol related or suicide. Lot of people speculating suicide but maybe it was something else? Maybe Verne had too much to drink one night and given by the size of his body, his body couldn’t take it. We’ll know what happened soon.

RIP Verne. He was a good one.


Report: Verne Troyer may not want the sex tape on TMZ but his woman does…

Ranae Shrider, the woman that was seen in the Verne Troyer sex tape has given TMZ (the celebrity gossip website owned by Harvey Levin) permission to post small clips of the sex tape on it’s website. Ranae signed a declaration in Federal court stating the sex tape was filmed by her videocamera. The statement read that she allowed TMZ to have the sex tape clips back on their website.

The judge has still barred the porn company for trying to release it on DVD.

The Associated Press reports:


See? I told you TMZ will win. Ranae’s gotta be loving her 5 minutes of fame, she probably could care less about Verne’s privacy.



Report: Verne Troyer wins over sex tape…

Well this didn’t take long! A federal judge has ordered a temporary restraining order against websties like TMZ or any other media websites from posting clips of the Verne Troyer sex tape was leaked online. Verne has sued TMZ, Kevin Blatt, and SugardDVD company who planned to release the tape on DVD were all sued for $20 million. Verne is an angry little man and is fighting this war 100%.

More on it here:


I’m on Verne’s side on this one.

When couples make a private pornographic videotape (whether it’s a celebrity couple or not), it was meant for their own personal use and enjoyment, not for the public. But when the tape gets leaked to the public for everyone to see that somehow someone got a hold of the tape, the owner of the tape has the right to sue. So Verne has every right to do this. It’s about respecting his privacy.



Report: Verne Troyer, midget actor sues TMZ.com…

Midget actor Verne Troyer who is most famous and well known for his role as Mini Me in the Austin Powers trilogy sues gossip website TMZ.com, due to TMZ posting a leaked sex tape that had Verne Troyer in it. Verne Troyer reportedly had a sex tape that was leaked online for everyone to see. TMZ posted a small clip of the sex tape that just shows Verne making love to a woman that is much taller than he is.

Verne also sued the man who stoled the tape which Kevin Blatt got a hold of, he was the person who distributed the movie “One Night In Paris”. In the lawsuit, Verne wants the tape an injuction prohibiting further dissemination of the video.

TMZ.com reports:


Harvey Levin, the owner of TMZ is a lawyer himself, don’t worry he’ll get away with this clean.