Report: Verne Troyer wins over sex tape…

Well this didn’t take long! A federal judge has ordered a temporary restraining order against websties like TMZ or any other media websites from posting clips of the Verne Troyer sex tape was leaked online. Verne has sued TMZ, Kevin Blatt, and SugardDVD company who planned to release the tape on DVD were all sued for $20 million. Verne is an angry little man and is fighting this war 100%.

More on it here:

I’m on Verne’s side on this one.

When couples make a private pornographic videotape (whether it’s a celebrity couple or not), it was meant for their own personal use and enjoyment, not for the public. But when the tape gets leaked to the public for everyone to see that somehow someone got a hold of the tape, the owner of the tape has the right to sue. So Verne has every right to do this. It’s about respecting his privacy.



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