I think Kanye should divorce Kim and get away from those Kardashians… I knew they were a danger to his life…

Me thinks Kanye being hospitalized to a mental ward has nothing to do with his breakdown over his mother. That’s what they want you to believe. It has nothing to do with his rant about Beyonce and Jay-Z either. They put him in there because of his support of Trump. They wouldn’t let him out until he’s forced to reverse his support. How would they force him to change his opinion about Trump? Well, those so called psychologists are experts at changing people. They can change people however they want to. Kanye reveals that he supports Trump and defends Trump — bashes the media at one of his concerts… then all of a sudden he’s insane? Please. People want to act like his support of Trump has nothing to do with his hospitalization at the psych ward but you know it has something to do with that all the way. Now that Kanye is out, his opinion of Trump probably has changed. Next time he does an interview with the press, I’m predicting he’ll have negative feelings about Trump now. He goes into mental hospital ProTrump and now he’s probably NeverTrump. Watch for it, y’all.

Nobody will say who sent him in there but it’s obvious those Kardashians threw him in there and that’s what the media is trying to cover up. They’re protecting those Kardashians. Those Kardashians are evil. Kanye needs to divorce Kim and get away from that family. He’s better than that.


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