To all those wondering why Republican politicians have been supporting Trump lately… I believe in “change of hearts”, don’t you???

Man, those freakin’ leftards will always talk shit about Republicans/GOP people no matter the situation, it’s sickening. I’m seeing many liberals wondering why many Republican politicians such as Reince Priebus, Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney, NikkI Haley and others being friendly and nice to Trump all of a sudden after all them talking trash about Trump like mad. I’m seeing a lot of leftards saying, “Why the hell are all these GOP people kissing Trump’s ass after seeing them calling Trump a piece of shit through the election?”…

Well, I believe in something that is called a “change of heart”, don’t you? This advice is not only aimed at liberals, this advice is also aimed at all the Trump supporters who are disappointed at Trump with his cabinet picks. Trump choosing his past enemies as his cabinet members. Maybe those GOP people patched things up with Trump and they’re all cool with each other now? Yeah those politicians I named had some pretty heated feuds with Trump in the past but that doesn’t make them bad people. Maybe they felt bad how they treated Trump and they wanted to make amends with him? I believe in “changing of hearts”. I believe in “forgive” and “forget”. I believe we can bury the hatchet with our enemies and leave negative grudges behind. Maybe that’s what these people are doing???

I give a lot more credit to Trump because he has a lot of balls to bury the hatchet with his enemies. It even seems he has buried the hatchet with all the Bush’s too ’cause they congratulated him for his victory.

On top of all this, Trump is just trying to unite the GOP party since it’s been so divided lately. Trying to get everyone together so we can make America great again. I totally trust Trump and totally think he knows what he’s doing. I won’t turn my back on him for his cabinet picks. I trust his judgement and so should you.



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