One way to improve your singing… sorry to say but singing covers will help!!!

I know how a lot of musicians and singers out there don’t enjoy performing covers but in my opinion, singing cover songs is extremely important. I’ve always done both. As a matter of fact, it doesn’t make any difference to me whether it’s a cover song or an original. Music is music to me. Singing covers is important ’cause it really does help improve your talent. To get better with singing, a lot of people think that doing all these scale exercises like the “OOhs” and “AAaahs” will help make you sing better. Doing the scale exercises along with a piano would help your voice greatly. It’ll help you sing higher and help your ear but you don’t want to waste a lot of time singing scale exercises. To improve your singing, you gotta work on singing other peoples songs. Sing all your favorite songs that you’ve heard on the radio over the years of your life. I’m gonna start doing that a lot.

In youtube, there are tons of backing tracks of your favorite songs. This morning, I just videotaped myself singing 3 Black Sabbath songs: “Iron Man”, “Electric Funeral” and “God Is Dead”. I used full band backing tracks online ’cause I don’t have a band of my own yet. I even surprise myself ’cause I didn’t think I could sing like Ozzy but I guess I could. I guess I can do pretty good singing metal and hard rock, wait until you hear them when I upload them to facebook. I don’t upload videos in youtube much anymore ’cause youtube is garbage now. I upload videos from facebook mostly now.

I was gonna upload those 3 videos of me singing those Black Sabbath songs today but since tomorrow is Ozzy’s birthday, I think it’ll be best to wait for tomorrow for those. It’s a great way to celebrate Ozzy’s birthday tomorrow. Yeah, I’m a huge Ozzy and Sabbath fan. When I used to subscribe to Apple Music streaming, I heard all of Ozzy’s solo albums and all of his stuff he did with Sabbath. I’ve always been an Ozzy fan my whole life and always wanted to perform his songs.

Singing cover songs will definitely help you sing better as it definitely did help me. I’m gonna sing more Sabbath songs. I will also try singing some Zeppelin, The Who, the Doors, more Bowie and sing all the songs that I loved over the years.

I really love singing. I don’t want to be a backup singer, I want to sing lead on everything. Singing is just fun and I want to get better at it. I don’t think you’ll ever see me on “The Voice” or “America’s Got Talent” or anything. I’ve had people asking me if I’ll ever appear on those shows but I don’t think I will. I want to stay far away from them. That’s not how I want to see myself.



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