Kanye West meets with Donald Trump at Trump Tower this morning…awesome!!!

Just a few days after Kanye West being released from the hospital at the psych ward, the rapper meets with Donald Trump at Trump Tower this morning. So apparently, it looks like Kanye never reversed support of Trump and Kanye is staying loyal to him which is awesome! So to those idiots that said Kanye was not a Trump supporter because of his “mental breakdown” can shove it!

Now that Kanye is out of the hospital, Kanye is looking a lot better and he’s looking a lot happier too. Everyone wants to say that Kanye is a huge egomaniac and an arrogant person but from the videos above, that’s not what I see. Kanye seems like a cool guy, in my opinion! It’s good to see him smiling.

Why was Kanye at Trump Tower today? Is Kanye gonna be a part of Trump’s administration somehow? Maybe Kanye will become our new Press Secretary, imagine that! Maybe Donald and Kanye just wanted to talk and that’s it? Just to say “Hey, what’s up” and all that stuff. Maybe Donald just wanted to thank Kanye for his support? Kanye seems to be thrilled standing next to Trump, you can tell. As you can hear in the CNN video above where Trump and Kanye were taking questions from the press, Trump said he and Kanye has been friends for a very long time. So ya never know, maybe Kanye will be a part of Trump’s administration somehow.


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