The days of people in America being forced to think Democrat/liberal will soon be over… people are now waking up…

What Kanye West and Candace Owens are doing is a good thing. Yeah, blacks being forced into the Democrat plantation has been a problem for a long while. In fact, blacks being forced into Democrats hasn’t been a problem before Barack Obama became president. Somehow Barack Obama and the mainstream media were successful at getting the black vote. Getting the black vote was the only way for Obama to win two terms in office. Yeah, they were definitely successful at turning most of the black community into Democrats, but I’m sure a lot of you probably don’t realize that a lot of black people are waking up. Many are leaving the Democrat plantation ’cause why? I think they are finally realizing that they were forced into it. They’ve finally come to a realization that the Democrat party don’t care about black people and they are fed up with it. Now a lot of blacks are leaving the Democrat party to think “independently”… either that or they go full-on conservative. Yeah, there are a lot of black conservatives out there… lots of ’em. They are finally realizing that blacks don’t need to be Democrats. No doubt, Obama and the mainstream media were successful at brainwashing the blacks into thinking Democrat and liberal. Not anymore. More blacks are leaving the Democrat party and it’s definitely driving the media insane. That’s why they bash Kanye and Candace.

One thing they are forgetting, though that black people aren’t the only ones getting forced into the Democrat plantation… it’s a problem for white people, Asians and Hispanics too. Obama and the American mainstream media tried to turn everybody into Democrats. That’s what they do… brainwash everybody so they can get everyone to have the same liberal talking points that the MSM spews out on a daily basis.

I’ve always said the news isn’t news anymore. Honest journalism has been dead for a decade now. They don’t report facts and don’t do investigative journalism like they used to anymore. The media are now political activists and all they do is ram their liberal opinions down our throats. That’s not journalism. They do this ’cause it’s how the left tries to get more power and win elections. That’s all they care about really.

Well, America has had enough with all this and fed up with it all. It’s a huge part of why Trump won the election to begin with ’cause we’re all tired of the media’s crap. While Americans are doing a good job waking up and getting off the Democrat plantation, there are still die-hard liberals out there that still believe everything the news says.

The media definitely did a good job of making it seem like being a liberal is a cool thing and being a conservative is a bad thing. That’s how the media works nowadays. It’s just pathetic. It’s getting harder and harder to be a conservative/Trump supporter nowadays ’cause liberals are always fighting and arguing with us daily. It’s getting old and tiresome, this left vs. right stuff. I know I’ve had enough with it. That’s a part of why I voted Trump ’cause I’m hoping for unity someday.

While blacks don’t need to be Democrats, nobody really needs to be Democrats, honestly. Get out of your left-wing fantasies ’cause most of it is just a bunch of silly garbage. Liberalism is getting 10x’s much worse today. You’ll see that when the Nov. 6 mid-term elections come. Some of liberals political ideas are getting scarier and scarier: being confused on the difference between male and female, bring back ISIS, loving illegal aliens, calling the NRA members terrorists, etc. I can go on all day with this one.

Sad that liberals still believe everything they see in the so-called news. I try to explain to them that most of it isn’t real but they won’t listen to me, of course. They don’t care if the media is wrong about Trump. As long as the fake news media are bashing him, they’re happy.

Liberals really are getting horrible, though. Their hatred toward the right is getting way out of hand and that’s what the media wants.


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