Kanye West takes red pill and officially joins the Trump Train!!!! Of course, liberals are upset! Boo hoo!!!

This has been an interesting week on twitter. As you can see, Kanye West the iconic rapper is officially out as a MAGA Trump supporter! It’s no surprise really ’cause you should have seen this coming since Trump’s and Kanye’s meeting at Trump Tower together. Kanye joining the Trump Train all started when he gave a black conservative woman by the name of Candace Owens a shout-out after she’s been on twitter trying to teach people that it’s okay to be a “free thinker”. Kanye woke up, took the red pill and he became a free thinker himself simply ’cause of Candace Owens twitter account.

Of course, all of this thrills the MAGA Trump Train and conservatives but Kanye still seems to upset some conservatives after he said on twitter that he’s no Republican/Democrat and Kanye said he even loves Hillary. Kanye just wants to think for himself and encourages everyone else to do the same. Kanye also wants everyone to love each other again and stop destroying each other just because political views are different ’cause I agree. Destroying each other because views are different is getting old and tiresome. Kanye also says you don’t have to agree with Trump on everything but just love him anyways ’cause that’s part of being a “free thinker”.

Kanye has been destroying the “thought police” all week on twitter and I freakin’ love it! I absolutely LOVE what Kanye is doing on twitter. This may seem a little weird but I am loving the Kardashians this week too. This week Kim. K and Kris Jenner has been calling out the Fake News Media for making lies about their families. So did the Kardashian/West family finally woke about how fake our mainstream media is? It seems so! For many years, the media has been in bed with the West/Kardashian clan but now the media seems to have turned on them since Kanye came out of the closet as a Trump supporter this week.

It’s amazing, ya know? I used to be a Kanye hater but now I’m a huge fan. I used to think he was an egomaniac like everyone else but now I’m realizing he’s not a such a bad dude after all. I’m all for President West in 2024, Kanye’s got my vote. I have no problem with the Kardashians becoming first families either. I used to believe this was a trainwreck of a family but maybe they aren’t so bad after all? Kanye and the Kardashians are trying to bring everyone back together. Unity is what they’re trying to do.

Some people may think that Kanye is just doing this just to promote his new album this year but I don’t think so. Kanye means well and he’s for real. I’ve been listening to Kanye’s music through youtube all week, and his music isn’t all that bad either. I think I’m gonna start buying his albums from Itunes pretty soon. I’m definitely gonna buy his new album when it comes out later this year. All of his albums are on Itunes except for his latest “The Life of Pablo” which I will have to get it on physical CD somehow. Yeah, I do like to listen to rap & hip hop music believe it or not.

With all this being said, Kanye is calling the USA to love each other again and not hate. We can have different opinions and views on things, we just don’t have to destroy each other over it.

I love what Kanye is doing ’cause what he’s doing, I can relate. For many years, the thought police thought it was okay to control my thoughts if they didn’t agree with what I said, no matter the topic. It didn’t have to be just politics, people get onto me about stuff all the time just because they disagreed with something I said. It’s like so because other people disagree with you makes you a bad person? The thought police is a problem in society and always has been.

My favorite tweet Kanye posted was this one:

Really true if you think about it.

Keep up the good work, Kanye and don’t back down to the thought police. Try not to let us down like that coward Shania Twain just did.


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