First album plans… just my ideas…

Yeah, I still have my first internet album planned out. I always talk about it but why isn’t it done yet? Well, I gotta write the songs first and then I’ll get to work on it. I’m also thinking about making it a double album. 1st side will be all new original songs and 2nd will be a greatest hits kind of thing. The greatest hits album will be a compilation of my older songs from the past. I’m really thinking of doing it like that.

When I work on the album, though for the new originals, I’m really gonna focus on melody. I want it to be my most melodic ever. Make something really musical. Try to make songs that never leaves your head. When I record, I’m gonna try to layer more than one guitar parts… try to make it sound like two guitar players playing together but guitar 1 and guitar 2 will both be playing different things. For vocals, I’m also gonna be experimenting with a lot of backup harmonies… record my own backup vocals ’cause I like doing that.

As far as the lyrics go, I’m going to come up with anything that comes to mind ’cause that’s the beauty of songwriting is being able to write what you want. I’ll write anything I want no matter how dark and how controversial ’cause I’ve had written dark and controversial songs in the past. I’ll do it again. Some may think they’re dark and controversial but some songs I’m just trying to send a message.

As far as the genre goes, it’s going to be a usual mix of acoustic rock and folky ballads. I may try to do something country/blugrassy as well.

I’ve always wanted to make an internet album where people can download for free and people can listen to it on their Ipods, Ipads, stereo systems, in their cars or on their computers or whatever. It’ll happen at some point. I’ll let you all know when. I want to make it happen.

I’m gonna make my next batch of new songs better than the ones I’ve had in the past. I’ve had been messing with some stuff on the guitar lately.


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