Tonight’s VMA’s was a nightmare of a show…

Yes, I ended up watching MTV VMA’s tonight just for something to watch. The only three good things about tonight’s show was the Amy Winehouse tribute and they showed off “The Hunger Games” teaser trailer. I also liked how they showed clips of the new “Beavis & Butthead”. They were the plus!

The rest of it was just a disaster. I think Lady Gaga and Katy Perry takes the prize of worst fashion awards, what the hell were they up to? Katy Perry a block of cheese on top of her head and Lady Gaga dressed as John Travolta from “Greese” or the Fonz from “Happy Days”? Plus all the live performances were really bad too and they were all lip synching, of course.

Chris Brown was the wrong performer to pay tribute to Nirvana. The Foo Fighters should have been up there doing that.

I thought it was cool that Tony Bennett revealed a new Amy Winehouse song that those two recorded in the studio together before her death. A pregnant Beyonce performing was horrible too. Performing like that is not good for the baby, she shouldn’t have done it.

I don’t get why the music industry continues to award Chris Brown all the glory and fame when he is nothing but a woman beater. Why is he up there,  when Rihanna should have been up there instead?

The VMA’s continue to get worse every year.


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