The Day After Irene

All day on Facebook, people have been posting pretty amazing photos of floodings, home wrecks, and other crazy things in the East Coast. Honestly, I find this pretty interesting stuff. A lot of dams have been destroyed which helps cause the flooding. There’s going to be possible flooding in the Greenwich and Schuylerville area, ’cause in Middle Falls there’s a huge crack in the dam here. They’re trying to look to see how bad the crack is. Hopefully it isn’t too bad. The dam in Middle Falls is really big. If it breaks, we’re all doomed and we’ll be underwater very quickly. It’s also getting kind of scary the day after Irene.

To those affected the day after, stay strong and stay safe. It maybe crazy, but I repeat, you being alive is what matters the most. Help your family and neighbors in your town clean up, and give people all the help they need even if you don’t know them.

I know this is a tough time but we have to learn that life moves forward, it always does.

I wonder if there is going to be a televised telethon for Red Cross Donations. You know like what they did with “9/11”, “Katrina”, “Haiti”, etc. Have musicians perform and celebrities answer phone calls. I’m sure they’ll plan another one of those pretty soon for “Irene”.

This is inspiring me to start writing music about the events of “Irene”. I haven’t written new songs in a while and just got some ideas in my head.

Best of luck to all you readers out there. Stay safe. Always.


4 thoughts on “The Day After Irene”

  1. No, what’s funny is, my friends and I all bet on whether or not you’d write a song about it and now I’m up fifty bucks.

    1. So you don’t think I will write a song about it? I can sit here and write a song about it in 10 minutes if I wanted to easily. I’ve been trying to come up with stuff on the guitar. Watch me, I’ll do it.


      1. Believe me guys, I can write a song about anything I want. I’m pretty confident on writing topics about things like this. I’ve written songs about real events before. I’ve written songs about the Virginia Tech shooting and the Egyptian Riots. I’ve even written a song about Osama Bin Laden being killed. I’m no stranger to this, you know that! 🙂


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