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A brief thought on this Jenny Johnson vs. Chris Brown twitter feud…

So everyone is talking about this big twitter feud that broke out between Jenny Johnson and Chris Brown. What started this was, Chris posted a tweet saying, “I look old, I’m 23” and then Jenny replied to his tweet by saying, “I know! Being a worthless piece of shit, can really age a person”. Then they started trading back and forth, all kinds of insults and attacks. Then Chris deleted his twitter.

More on the story, here.

From what I’m understanding, I don’t think this Jenny Johnson, is a famous celebrity. Now, she’s been made one after this public feud. Anybody that gets into a flame war with a celebrity online, gets my respect. Chris will have to learn that no matter how long ago the 2009 Rihanna beating was, it will always come back to haunt him. You can’t escape that past, it will always be with you. You will get all kinds of bad karma, and all kinds of hate.

On top of this, Chris responding to this young women, clearly shows what kind of monster he is towards women. How come Chris doesn’t talk all tough toward a guy? I’m sure Chris’s fans and supporters, will try to defend him and play the race card, and all that shit, but he beat up a woman to a bloody pulp. You can’t support somebody like that. Chris doesn’t deserve to continue on in his music career after that. And it is pretty amazing to me why people are still buying his albums.

Celebrities on twitter do respond to real people like me and they read everyone’s tweets. I’ve been blocked by a few celebrities when I tried to trash talk them on my other twitter account that I don’t use (Hulk Hogan and Russell Crowe, blocked me on my other account, lol…). Celebs on twitter are crazy people, and it’s fun sending tweets to them, just to see if we’ll get some kind of response. Yeah, celebs on twitter are really them, they post up all kinds of photos and videos to prove it.

If you beat a woman, you can’t expect people to forgive and forget. Doesn’t work that way.