Thought: Chris Brown on Larry King tonight…

I just got done watching the Chris Brown interview on “Larry King Live” on CNN that was on earlier tonight, and man it was something else, I tell ya. All Chris was pretty much doing was trying to defend himself for it, trying to get people to feel sorry for him and forgive him, trying to prove that he isn’t the monster that people are trying to make him out to be.

Larry was getting onto him everytime, asking him tough questions that he couldn’t answer. When Larry showed him the Rihanna photo with her beaten up face that was from TMZ, Chris just looked down to the floor and then he started looking real nervous.

Throughout half of the interview, Chris looked upset and nervous as hell. Toward the end, he was all smiles and upbeat like he didn’t have a care about Rihanna.

He goes on talking about Michael Jackson, he said that Michael Jackson went through some negative times and went to positives, Chris claims he can do the same thing. Go back to his music career, after his tough times like Michael Jackson did.

Chris had a bit of an ego problem, he called himself a “celebrity” on the show.

Want to know my thoughts on Chris on the Larry King show? All I see it as, “save my music career please”. That’s it. That’s all he went on there for, hoping to save his dying music career.

Beaten a woman to a bloody mess is never a mistake. I’ll never respect and I’ll always despise men who hits a woman or beats her down like crazy. I hope fans of Chris Brown, those few little fans that still support his music, would get a reality check, by not buying his albums and seeing his concerts. The stupid kid doesn’t deserve a music career.

Chris is a man child suffering delusions of granduer. I laughed when he says that negativity makes you more popular. So he’s obviously striving off this publicity over this Rihanna stuff and enjoying it.

I wonder how much cash he payed the judge to avoid jail time? That’s where he should be, behind bars wearing an orange jumpsuit. I think he’ll beat up a woman soon, maybe not at Rihanna but maybe the next woman he hooks up a date with. Chris Brown needs to get his ass kicked by a bigger guy than him, show him how it feels to get punched in the face multiple times.


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