“The Expendables 2” premiere in Hollywood made me wish I was there…

I remember last year, when I visted Hollywood on vacation, I got to witness the “J. Edgar” Clint Eastwood movie premiere at the Chinese Grauman theater. Now with the “Expendables 2” premiere happened there not too long ago, makes me wish I was at Hollywood this year. Why? Because Sly was there. He took his whole family there, in fact, see photo, here. Sly even took some time to sign autographs for fans, see photo, here.

DAMN! DAMN! DAMN! I’m just slamming my head against the computer desk, making me wish I was at Hollywood to witness the EXP2 premiere. That would have been my chance to meet Sly and get his autograph! GRRrrrrrrrr….

Oh well, hopefully, I’ll get my chance to meet Sly sometime down the road. You can see, that he loves his fans though. He’s very good with them.

I’m going to see, “EXP2”, later today. Gonna head to the mall in a little bit. I’ll be doing a little shopping today to pick up a few things as well.


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