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Anti-Gun and NRA hating actor, Alec Baldwin shoots and kills female crew member and seriously hurts director on film set, now he’s officially a hypocrite on his obsession for gun control…

Alec Baldwin was filming a movie called “Rust” which is a Western movie I just found out and they were filming near Santa Fe, New Mexico. They were shooting a scene where Alec was required to use a prop gun and he accidently kills cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and seriously injured the director. They halted filming as soon as possible while the police investigates the incident and Alec the man himself has been cooperative 100%.

On twitter, I’m already seeing “AlecForPrison” over this trending… while I’m not a fan of Mr. Baldwin, I don’t like him at all… I don’t think he’ll get charged for this but it was simply an accident. I would say though that this makes him looks like a hypocrite after being so anti-gun and hating on the NRA for so many years. Yet the man continues to use guns himself in action films, thrillers and now Westerns.


Yeah, prop guns are fake but they can still be just as dangerous. It wasn’t the first time ’cause Brandon Lee was killed by one while filming “The Crow” movie.

Accidents happen.

Yeah, movies are fake and make believe but if actors really wanted us to take their “anti-gun” arguments seriously then they would stop starring in movies that uses guns but they don’t. They continue to star in violent movies with guns even though they continue to debate about gun violence in the media.

RIP to Halyna Hutchins and speedy recovery and well wishes to the director, though. They didn’t deserve that and god bless their families. While Mr. Baldwin probably won’t get charged, the family of Halyna Hutchins could file a civil lawsuit against Baldwin and the studios if they wanted to and the director Joel Souza could do the same. I doubt Joel will sue ’cause he would know it was just an accident but Halyna’s family might sue, though. We’ll have to see what happens.

Terrible thing that happened but Hollywood movie stars really need to look at their hypocrisy when it comes to gun control and their anti-gun violence.

How would they think about gun safety after this one?


LAX shooting thoughts…

I’m sure some of you want my thoughts about that 23 year old  kid who shot a TSA agent at LAX in Los Angeles… well here are my thoughts…

Honestly, it’s no surprise that something like that would happen at an airport. Especially a gun free zone airport and since LAX is very tight with security. No matter how strict you make the gun laws and no matter how tight security is… somebody will always find their way around to commit a shooting and this is proof of it. Even though the TSA are pretty evil people — I can’t stand ’em myself — this still shouldn’t have to happen ’cause they are obviously human beings but this incident shouldn’t come as a shock to you either.

A lot of people in facebook are saying that this maybe staged by the US Government… and I wouldn’t be surprised if the Obama administration had something to do with this one.

Next thing you know, Obama will probably go on live TV the next few days to make a response to the LAX shooting… saying that he will work his way to make gun control tougher. Even if the background checks didn’t workout for Obama as he hoped… he’s probably going to find out other ways. Like I said… it doesn’t matter how tough you make the laws. People are still going to commit gun shootings.

The LAX shooting is a sad story but we’re gonna keep getting violence. They’re just gonna keep getting worse as long as Obama is still sitting in the White House. My heart goes out to the family and friends of the TSA agent who was killed, though. The shooting at LAX could have been worse.


What part of “shall not be infringed”, don’t the government understand???

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

If you decide to ban weapons or make new laws to make gun purchasing tougher, then you’re infringing the 2nd Amendment rights. Congratulations to the people in Albany, who are rallying about the Constitutional rights. I wish I was there. Disarming the American people will make the criminals happy. They’ll know that we have nothing to protect ourselves with. Don’t be surprised if another major mass shooting happens again, in the near future. Since people are rallying in Albany, people could start rallying in Washington D.C., anytime.

I understand how some people are anti-gun. Guns aren’t for everyone, but the 2nd Amendment is there for a reason. No matter how many mass shootings or gun violence happen in the US, you can’t disrespect the 2nd Amendment, just because you don’t agree with it.


Sorry, but you can’t blame gun violence on bad parenting, video games, movies/TV shows, or even mental health issues…

You gotta love it when people immediately jump to conclusion when it comes to violence in America. A lot of stupid people want to blame violence on everything. Bad parenting, video games, movies/TV shows, mental health issues, and all that stuff.

It is pretty unfair that the parents of killers get blamed for this, simply because, they have nothing to do with how their child turned out to be. Some parents out there DO raise their kids right, the best they can. Some murderers could be smart kids in their childhood with good grades in school, and all. They can also be perfectly sane and not have any mental health issues at all. Violence in video games, TV shows or movies, have nothing to do with it.

Even if they make ratings even more stricter for video game and movie purchases, there is still violence everywhere in G rated and family friendly PG stuff in entertainment. Like Disney for example. There’s violence in all Disney movies, animated and live action. Back in the old days, when video games or movies wasn’t big, comic books would take the blame in violence. On top of this, I also don’t see how violence in entertainment could have an affect on young children. Doesn’t make a bit of sense. It may have an affect on children a little bit, but not that bad.

Anybody who says that video games make kids violent is a stupid idiot. Don’t blame fucking, Call of Duty.

There were even more violent video games in the past. I’m not talking just first person shooters. There can be violence in, Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda, or even Sonic the Hedgehog. All that shit has violence. Maybe not as a graphic, but it is still violent. How come that stuff don’t have an affect on children? Quit blaming “Call of Duty”. I can understand why so many people play, “Call of Duty” and other first person shooters ’cause it’s an escape for them. It’s their way of getting away from everything in life. Video games can actually make people a better person, not bad.

How come people don’t blame violence in sports? Like professional wrestling, boxing, or the Ultimate Fights? Kids watch all that stuff too! What about violence in day time soap operas and kiddie cartoons on Saturday mornings? What about violence in fictional books? THERE IS VIOLENCE EVERYWHERE YOU LOOK! WHY DOES IT ALWAYS HAVE TO BE ABOUT CALL OF DUTY!

It’s bullshit! All of it! The media fucking sucks and this is why I hate the news. The news control you to make you believe what they say. You’re talking about gun control and video games in facebook ’cause they believe what the news media report. This is why the news media love to report gun tragedies ’cause they know that this is what the world love to talk about. All these news people care about are ratings and money, to compete with other networks. They’re cold and evil, sons of bitches. They are no different than the killers who commit these crimes.

Even if America gets more gun control or even ban guns for good, there’s no stopping other people using other weapons, or think of new ways to attack and kill people. There’s going to be more Timothy McVeighs, if they ban guns. There will be more suicide bombers. They could use knives and other weapons. There will be more attacks like 9/11, where people get in planes and use it to crash into places. Violence will never stop, no matter what the government will do, even if America gets rid of guns completely.

Sorry for the harsh rant and the swearing, but people are idiots, I tell ya. Just had to vent my frustrations at this never ending debate people got going in facebook.


Newton, Conn. shooting…

Well, here we go again. Another shooting. While my heart goes out to the people in Conn., this is a terrible tragedy and this is the worse one this year, I want to get a few things off my chest.

First of all, not only the gunman is a cold and heartless bastard, the news media can be just as cold and heartless as well. I was watching the news today and the way they report this stuff, makes me sick. While they were reporting this stuff, they were interviewing the children, trying to get a description from them on what happened in the school. I’m like, really? Leave those kids alone and give them some space, you heartless assholes. All the news media, like MSNBC, CNN, FOXNews, etc. They’ll all have something to jerk themselves off with in this tragedy. Why? Ratings and money, that’s all these evil news people care about. They will blame this on guns, parenting, violent video games, TV shows, movies, etc. You get the deal.

Secondly, yes, there’s going to be all kinds of uneducated people who are going to blame this on the guns. I’m already seeing a bunch of idiots in facebook saying that guns need to be banned in the USA, needs stricter gun laws, and all that stuff. I’m like really? It’s situations like this that makes me want to go get a gun permit so I can protect myself and my loved ones. These gun shootings can happen everywhere. Doesn’t matter where you are. A fuckin’ shootout, can even happen in my hometown in Greenwich. You know that old saying? “Guns Don’t Kill People, People Kill People”? It’s true. Guns don’t operate by itself, you nitwits. When you pick up a gun, and you decide to shoot someone with it, that was your decision. Guns don’t control you. You control it. I would do whatever it takes to save my own ass and other people that I love. Even i it means killing the bastard myself. What else are you gonna do, ya know? You can’t just let the psycho get all over ya. Self defense.

We can’t ban gun laws or make them stricter. If we can’t use guns, what’s stopping people from using other weapons? We have guns for a reason. For protection and safety.

The only people to blame for these shootings are the fuckin’ gunmen themselves. They are sick psychotic animals, who just enjoy the excitement of killing other people. Period. End of story.

The Newton, Conn shooting is a sad heartbreaking story. I can’t understand why someone will kill innocent children too, like everyone else. It’s understandable why a lot of people are putting up posts in facebook, saying they don’t want to take their kids to school anymore, understandable. This is why more parents should get gun permits, so they can protect their families and children. If we make the gun laws more stricter or even ban them, that will make the gun violence happen even more. The people in America, should learn how to defend themselves. You can’t disrespect and change the 2nd Amendment. Remember, that.