Newton, Conn. shooting…

Well, here we go again. Another shooting. While my heart goes out to the people in Conn., this is a terrible tragedy and this is the worse one this year, I want to get a few things off my chest.

First of all, not only the gunman is a cold and heartless bastard, the news media can be just as cold and heartless as well. I was watching the news today and the way they report this stuff, makes me sick. While they were reporting this stuff, they were interviewing the children, trying to get a description from them on what happened in the school. I’m like, really? Leave those kids alone and give them some space, you heartless assholes. All the news media, like MSNBC, CNN, FOXNews, etc. They’ll all have something to jerk themselves off with in this tragedy. Why? Ratings and money, that’s all these evil news people care about. They will blame this on guns, parenting, violent video games, TV shows, movies, etc. You get the deal.

Secondly, yes, there’s going to be all kinds of uneducated people who are going to blame this on the guns. I’m already seeing a bunch of idiots in facebook saying that guns need to be banned in the USA, needs stricter gun laws, and all that stuff. I’m like really? It’s situations like this that makes me want to go get a gun permit so I can protect myself and my loved ones. These gun shootings can happen everywhere. Doesn’t matter where you are. A fuckin’ shootout, can even happen in my hometown in Greenwich. You know that old saying? “Guns Don’t Kill People, People Kill People”? It’s true. Guns don’t operate by itself, you nitwits. When you pick up a gun, and you decide to shoot someone with it, that was your decision. Guns don’t control you. You control it. I would do whatever it takes to save my own ass and other people that I love. Even i it means killing the bastard myself. What else are you gonna do, ya know? You can’t just let the psycho get all over ya. Self defense.

We can’t ban gun laws or make them stricter. If we can’t use guns, what’s stopping people from using other weapons? We have guns for a reason. For protection and safety.

The only people to blame for these shootings are the fuckin’ gunmen themselves. They are sick psychotic animals, who just enjoy the excitement of killing other people. Period. End of story.

The Newton, Conn shooting is a sad heartbreaking story. I can’t understand why someone will kill innocent children too, like everyone else. It’s understandable why a lot of people are putting up posts in facebook, saying they don’t want to take their kids to school anymore, understandable. This is why more parents should get gun permits, so they can protect their families and children. If we make the gun laws more stricter or even ban them, that will make the gun violence happen even more. The people in America, should learn how to defend themselves. You can’t disrespect and change the 2nd Amendment. Remember, that.


3 thoughts on “Newton, Conn. shooting…”

  1. This is a great example of mandating that all teachers and school staff be armed with handguns at all times during the school day. Had those adults all been armed, this could have been avoided imo. What a waste.

  2. Actually that’s the definition of an amendment, that you can change it. That’s how the Constitution works. It’s a changeable document and it should be able to be changed with the times. Guns suck in general, but it’s too easy to get one, as demonstrated by this tragedy.

  3. Of course you can change the 2nd Amendment just like you can change any Amendment. That’s why they’re called amendments. My heart and prayers go out to the victims. Events like this will always shed light on our current gun laws and you should expect that. Gun laws are debatable but people with mental health issues should not be allowed to register and buy a gun.

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