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YES! Sandy Hook shooting being a hoax and false flag finally makes the mainstream! Thanks to Sheriff Hanlin…

The Oregon Sheriff, John Hanlin is in trouble for posting a video on his facebook page about Sandy Hook being a hoax and “false flag” shooting. Of course, he is under fire for it and people are immediately calling him “conspiracy theorist”.



The video he posted about Sandy Hook is below on this post. I just got done watching the whole thing from start to finish. You should check it out too. It’s a real eye opener.

I’ve been saying for a long time now that Sandy Hook shooting didn’t even happen and all the “evidence” is in the video below.

So you may ask… why would Obama and his admin. stage shootings? Well like I’ve been saying they would stage shootings as a way to push “gun control” even harder. That’s all they do it for.

I wouldn’t be surprised that the Oregon shooting at Umpqua college didn’t even happen either. Whenever a mass shooting happens and Obama is quick to respond to it, chances are, it’s gonna be a hoax. Anything Obama touches is fake and a lie.

Watch the video, if you dare. Good stuff.

This is why you shouldn’t trust the mainstream media and why you shouldn’t believe everything you see in the news.


Obama and gun control…

To all you gun collectors and hunters out there, better stock up your guns before the government takes our 2nd amendment rights away before Jan.

After seeing Obama, the way he responded to the Sandy Hook victims, how he’s grieving and showing support. He shouldn’t be doing that stuff when he had a hand in violence himself. What about the drones he sent over to attack with in other countries in which killed 100’s of children? Most notably, the drone that killed Anwar Al Awalaki’s innocent son. Obama should NOT be talking gun control, when he had a hand in selling weapons to Mexican drug cartels.

Obama and Biden plans to bring in more gun control. Make gun purchasing laws more stricter.

If we had a Republican as President, whether it will be Mitt Romney, Ron Paul, Rick Santorum, etc. Those guys would not change or alter the 2nd amendment. What they’ve would have done if they were President, they would have allowed more people to train ourselves to use guns for our protection and safety. They would have allowed us to use guns for safety and self defense.

Altering the 2nd Amendment laws, that’s just going to make gun violence happen even more. Even if they make gun purchasing more strict, people will always find a way to get guns illegally. The only possible way to stop gun violence, is not altering the laws. America should have the right to defend ourselves. Make the gun laws “LESS” strict, so all of us can own a gun for protection.

It’s never safe out there. You never know what may happen. A shootout or an attack can happen anywhere. If I owned a gun, I would do whatever it takes to defend myself and others, even if it means sacrificing myself, if you know what I mean. You can’t let dangerous people think it’s okay to do these things. So to do that, you must be a tough guy in return. Just like you have to be a tough guy when a bully wants to fight you in the street. If everyone owns a gun and knows how to defend themselves, that’s when you know you’ll live in a peaceful and safe country. Dangerous people seem to attack and kill people who are weak, so you must be mean, strong and tough to them in return and they would leave people alone, guaranteed. This is why everyone needs to have guns. This is why I agree that more schools needs to have armed security guarding the schools. This is why I agree with teachers and staffs at school should have the right to own a gun.

On top of all this, guys. We can’t just talk about guns and defending ourselves. We also have to blame the media mostly. Mass shootings and other violence in America happens ’cause the news keep reporting this stuff. They have a huge affect on violence in America for sure. If I could, I would put all news stations out of business. Get rid of newspapers, magazines, etc. That report current events. The more we report these things, the more people are going to commit mass shootings and other violence. We have to look at media control. A lot of this is their fault, big time. Some people dream of being a famous killer, just like people dream of being a famous celebrity. If we get rid of the news, maybe that will help stop the violence as well. Of course, they won’t do that, ’cause people have to make a living somehow right?

Obama has never been gun friendly, and he just showed it with his statement yesterday. You voted the wrong guy for President, peeps. He’s only gonna make violence worse. In my eyes, when he cried and fighting back tears speaking of the Sandy Hook victims, he wasn’t grieving for children. He was fighting back tears on the Sandy Hook violence, because the violence he committed in other countries, came back to haunt him.


Sorry, but you can’t blame gun violence on bad parenting, video games, movies/TV shows, or even mental health issues…

You gotta love it when people immediately jump to conclusion when it comes to violence in America. A lot of stupid people want to blame violence on everything. Bad parenting, video games, movies/TV shows, mental health issues, and all that stuff.

It is pretty unfair that the parents of killers get blamed for this, simply because, they have nothing to do with how their child turned out to be. Some parents out there DO raise their kids right, the best they can. Some murderers could be smart kids in their childhood with good grades in school, and all. They can also be perfectly sane and not have any mental health issues at all. Violence in video games, TV shows or movies, have nothing to do with it.

Even if they make ratings even more stricter for video game and movie purchases, there is still violence everywhere in G rated and family friendly PG stuff in entertainment. Like Disney for example. There’s violence in all Disney movies, animated and live action. Back in the old days, when video games or movies wasn’t big, comic books would take the blame in violence. On top of this, I also don’t see how violence in entertainment could have an affect on young children. Doesn’t make a bit of sense. It may have an affect on children a little bit, but not that bad.

Anybody who says that video games make kids violent is a stupid idiot. Don’t blame fucking, Call of Duty.

There were even more violent video games in the past. I’m not talking just first person shooters. There can be violence in, Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda, or even Sonic the Hedgehog. All that shit has violence. Maybe not as a graphic, but it is still violent. How come that stuff don’t have an affect on children? Quit blaming “Call of Duty”. I can understand why so many people play, “Call of Duty” and other first person shooters ’cause it’s an escape for them. It’s their way of getting away from everything in life. Video games can actually make people a better person, not bad.

How come people don’t blame violence in sports? Like professional wrestling, boxing, or the Ultimate Fights? Kids watch all that stuff too! What about violence in day time soap operas and kiddie cartoons on Saturday mornings? What about violence in fictional books? THERE IS VIOLENCE EVERYWHERE YOU LOOK! WHY DOES IT ALWAYS HAVE TO BE ABOUT CALL OF DUTY!

It’s bullshit! All of it! The media fucking sucks and this is why I hate the news. The news control you to make you believe what they say. You’re talking about gun control and video games in facebook ’cause they believe what the news media report. This is why the news media love to report gun tragedies ’cause they know that this is what the world love to talk about. All these news people care about are ratings and money, to compete with other networks. They’re cold and evil, sons of bitches. They are no different than the killers who commit these crimes.

Even if America gets more gun control or even ban guns for good, there’s no stopping other people using other weapons, or think of new ways to attack and kill people. There’s going to be more Timothy McVeighs, if they ban guns. There will be more suicide bombers. They could use knives and other weapons. There will be more attacks like 9/11, where people get in planes and use it to crash into places. Violence will never stop, no matter what the government will do, even if America gets rid of guns completely.

Sorry for the harsh rant and the swearing, but people are idiots, I tell ya. Just had to vent my frustrations at this never ending debate people got going in facebook.