Sorry, but you can’t blame gun violence on bad parenting, video games, movies/TV shows, or even mental health issues…

You gotta love it when people immediately jump to conclusion when it comes to violence in America. A lot of stupid people want to blame violence on everything. Bad parenting, video games, movies/TV shows, mental health issues, and all that stuff.

It is pretty unfair that the parents of killers get blamed for this, simply because, they have nothing to do with how their child turned out to be. Some parents out there DO raise their kids right, the best they can. Some murderers could be smart kids in their childhood with good grades in school, and all. They can also be perfectly sane and not have any mental health issues at all. Violence in video games, TV shows or movies, have nothing to do with it.

Even if they make ratings even more stricter for video game and movie purchases, there is still violence everywhere in G rated and family friendly PG stuff in entertainment. Like Disney for example. There’s violence in all Disney movies, animated and live action. Back in the old days, when video games or movies wasn’t big, comic books would take the blame in violence. On top of this, I also don’t see how violence in entertainment could have an affect on young children. Doesn’t make a bit of sense. It may have an affect on children a little bit, but not that bad.

Anybody who says that video games make kids violent is a stupid idiot. Don’t blame fucking, Call of Duty.

There were even more violent video games in the past. I’m not talking just first person shooters. There can be violence in, Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda, or even Sonic the Hedgehog. All that shit has violence. Maybe not as a graphic, but it is still violent. How come that stuff don’t have an affect on children? Quit blaming “Call of Duty”. I can understand why so many people play, “Call of Duty” and other first person shooters ’cause it’s an escape for them. It’s their way of getting away from everything in life. Video games can actually make people a better person, not bad.

How come people don’t blame violence in sports? Like professional wrestling, boxing, or the Ultimate Fights? Kids watch all that stuff too! What about violence in day time soap operas and kiddie cartoons on Saturday mornings? What about violence in fictional books? THERE IS VIOLENCE EVERYWHERE YOU LOOK! WHY DOES IT ALWAYS HAVE TO BE ABOUT CALL OF DUTY!

It’s bullshit! All of it! The media fucking sucks and this is why I hate the news. The news control you to make you believe what they say. You’re talking about gun control and video games in facebook ’cause they believe what the news media report. This is why the news media love to report gun tragedies ’cause they know that this is what the world love to talk about. All these news people care about are ratings and money, to compete with other networks. They’re cold and evil, sons of bitches. They are no different than the killers who commit these crimes.

Even if America gets more gun control or even ban guns for good, there’s no stopping other people using other weapons, or think of new ways to attack and kill people. There’s going to be more Timothy McVeighs, if they ban guns. There will be more suicide bombers. They could use knives and other weapons. There will be more attacks like 9/11, where people get in planes and use it to crash into places. Violence will never stop, no matter what the government will do, even if America gets rid of guns completely.

Sorry for the harsh rant and the swearing, but people are idiots, I tell ya. Just had to vent my frustrations at this never ending debate people got going in facebook.


25 thoughts on “Sorry, but you can’t blame gun violence on bad parenting, video games, movies/TV shows, or even mental health issues…”

  1. About what I said on violence and mental health issues, everyone wants to think that murderers are mentally ill. Some of them can be but NOT all of them. Most murderers over the years have been perfectly sane and it’s possible that you know exactly what you’re doing when committing crimes. Can’t always call murderers mentally ill people. They all have their own reasons of doing it. They do it for greed, power, revenge, maybe even money, etc. Can’t always assume they’re crazy and insane when these things happen. That’s kind of the point I was trying to make. Killers can be perfectly sane. Remember that.


    1. Seriously enough of the bashing or hate posts, fuck off.

      You really can’t blame all the murders or shootings on parents, violence in entertainment or mental illness. That’s what this blog post is about, the whole point. All that stuff is just opinion and flat out speculation. There’s really no proof on any of that stuff. Just all talk.


      1. It’s unfair and wrong to blame violence on that stuff I talked about. How would you feel if you had a kid who turned out to be violent and ended up killing a bunch of people? Would you want the media to blame it on you and calling your kid mentally insane? It’s unfair, and wrong. All of it. You don’t fucking know these things, so shut the fuck up. You don’t know the killer personally or what his problems are, and people just need to stop speculating things. People who can’t see this stuff, are the ones being uneducated losers.


      2. I may not know the murderers personally myself, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to speculate on whether they’re mentally ill or not. You let the psychiatrists or the trials deal with that stuff. I’m not defending murderers or anything, I hate what these people do myself, but you can’t assume things on their personal problems. They all have their own personal issues and beliefs. There were a lot of serial killers that were found to be sane, which is why they were sent to a regular prison instead of a mental hospital. Just something to think about.


  2. James Holmes-Aurora Colorado shooter
    Eric Harris-Columbine shooter
    Dylann Klebold- Columbine shooter
    Seung-Hui Cho-Virginia Tech shooter
    Robert A. Hawkins-Westroads Mall shooter
    Adam Lanza-Newtown shooter

    Do you know what ALL of the above had in common?

    Documented history of mental illness/disorders. DOCUMENTED. Look it up. It’s all out there.

    1. Again, all opinion and just speculation by the media. No proof on whether mental illness turned them into violent people or not.


      1. Now you are just being stupid. Do you know what “documented” means? There medical fucking records of these people being TREATED! They ALL suffered from sort of mental illness. The “opinions” expressed from the media are from doctors…medical and mental health PROFESSIONALS!

        That is not opinion.

      2. Medical and health professionals, can’t really prove anything either, just an FYI. Psychiatrists can be full of shit.


  3. They went to regular prisons because they knew the difference between right and wrong. You do not have to be insane to be mentally ill. There is a difference between mentally ill and criminally insane. Mental illness and disorder can lead to mass murder without insanity.

    1. It would be very hard to prove how killers are mentally ill, anyway, especially when a lot of them are dead after killing themselves. You don’t know how their brain works, that’s the problem.


      1. And you do? This is exactly the type of arrogance and narcissism I was talking about.

        Medical and health professionals, can’t really prove anything either, just an FYI. Psychiatrists can be full of shit.


        Ok. I see now. I never realized you were such an expert on these matters. Maybe instead of going to see highly trained and qualified professionals, we should all come talk to you instead.

      2. Really psychiatrists are the evils of this planet. They think they know everything about people. If someone’s got problems, they would be the last people you would want to see. They can be just as opinionated.

        Back to the original topic, I will stand by what I say. Some killers are mentally ill, you can’t deny that, but some are completely sane. You can’t call all killers and psychopaths insane people. Some DO know exactly what they’re doing, what they want, and show no remorse for. Why can’t you understand that? There are really FUCKING evil people on this planet. Period.


      3. How do you know if Adam Lanza was mentally ill when he did this? Did you live inside his body? No. What if he had a reason to do what he did and he knew it? What if he had a past with this school? What if he had a connection with them? He could have done it for retaliation that he was treated badly by them in the past. Don’t ever speculate on video games or mentally ill behavior. It’s just foolish. Grow up people and get a life.


      4. Re-opening comments in this post, but keep it civilized.

        I was just reading this interesting article:

        Maybe I did use the word psychopath wrong and that wasn’t the word I was looking for, but oh well no big deal.

        Anyway, on top of this, you can’t blame all murders, mass shootings or serial killings on mental illness or psychopathy. That’s what I’ve been trying to say from the original post in this blog.

        There are many reasons people commit murders and shootings. They do it out of anger, hate, revenge, greed, jealousy, money, etc. All those things like I’ve repeatedly said.

        Like this article said you can still be a psychopath or have mental illness, and not kill anybody. While I do agree that mental health is overlooked and needs to be looked at more in America, you can’t always accuse people of being mentally ill.

        It’s wrong, and it might upset the killer’s families who are going through some hard times of how their kid turned out to be.

        You can’t be quick to judge.


      5. I’d hate to bring him up, but I want to talk about that Legend guy for a little bit, the guy with the plastic bag who picks on me in youtube. I strongly believe he is mentally ill, and maybe a bit psychopathic. I also think he might do something very dangerous someday. Just give it time. The guy even scares me with a lot of his videos he posts in youtube. He obsesses with death too much and he also defends the gunmen that commit these crimes. That Legend guy is whacked. Noticed I didn’t say he’s definitely mentally ill, it’s just what I believe. The dude is insane and crazy. I wish he would go away. He’s a delusional man child with a lot of problems.

        I’m sure some of you guys would say I’m no different, but you can’t compare me with him. I’ll admit that I can be crazy and nuts sometimes (in a good way though), but not as bad as the Legend. I’m a completely normal and sane person.


    1. It can mean two different things, not just having a mental disorder, it can also mean having a violent social behavior.

      From the online dictionary: A person suffering from chronic mental disorder with abnormal or violent social behavior.


    1. They must of fixed it quick before I even got to it, oh well. I’m sure it was funny!

      Anyway, checking someone’s criminal background, is not going to help stop gun violence. Even people with a clean criminal record, can commit murder or mass shootings too!!! People who are perfectly sane and normal can also commit these crimes. It’s not going to stop, no matter what the government would do, as I already made it clear from the very start of this blog! No matter how strict the laws will get, people will always find a way around it and find new ways to kill. End of story!


  4. That is true but that doesn’t mean the government can’t pass stricter gun laws that will reduce violence. Just because you can’t stop it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t reduce it.

  5. They are not trying to stop it. They KNOW they can not stop it. They are simply trying to reduce these incidents. Psych evals, background checks, waiting periods are all effective in reducing incidents. That is what they are trying to do. And they know that that is all they CAN do.

    Deterrence. THAT is their primary goal.

  6. Why do you stand by what you said? kaptainhowdy66 just agreed with you that no one can stop all violence, but that there’s nothing wrong with trying to deter it by making it harder for crazy people to get a gun. Do you want crazy people to have guns? Do you think the Legend should be allowed to have a gun? Now that would be scary! I saw him on youtube.

    1. Speaking of the Legend, he’s in his facebook showing support for Adam Lanza and saying to people that you should understand him. Don’t be surprised, when Legend makes a video of that, and that video could go viral. Yes, if there is someone that is in need of mental health care, that Legend guy needs it pretty badly before he ends up going on a murder spree. I can’t believe he hasn’t been committed to a hospital, and here he is, still making his crazy videos in youtube. He’s delusional, an ego-maniac, and an attention whore.


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