What part of “shall not be infringed”, don’t the government understand???

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

If you decide to ban weapons or make new laws to make gun purchasing tougher, then you’re infringing the 2nd Amendment rights. Congratulations to the people in Albany, who are rallying about the Constitutional rights. I wish I was there. Disarming the American people will make the criminals happy. They’ll know that we have nothing to protect ourselves with. Don’t be surprised if another major mass shooting happens again, in the near future. Since people are rallying in Albany, people could start rallying in Washington D.C., anytime.

I understand how some people are anti-gun. Guns aren’t for everyone, but the 2nd Amendment is there for a reason. No matter how many mass shootings or gun violence happen in the US, you can’t disrespect the 2nd Amendment, just because you don’t agree with it.


5 thoughts on “What part of “shall not be infringed”, don’t the government understand???”

  1. What part of “amendment” don’t you understand? Was it disrespectful to change the Constitution so that women and black people could vote? Was it disrespectful to amend the Constitution so that slavery was made illegal? Do you know what the word amendment means? Prove it and define the word amendment in your reply to this.

    The Constitution was made so that the people could vote to change it as the times change. If you deny that fact then you are truly disrespecting the Constitution. YOU and all those like you are merely hiding behind an old law that no longer brings prosperity or freedom to this country. Militia? Really, we need to keep our militias armed? Militias are obsolite. So are bayonettes and horses in battle. “Shall not be infringed?” Yes is shall be infringed if the people vote to make guns illegal. Whatever, I doubt you understand any of this.

    1. That’ snot what regulated means….regulated means controlled and supervised. And a MILITIA….a well regulated MILITIA. Are you or most other gun owners members of a well trained (or regulated) militia?

      1. Well, a lot of people online seem to have their own interpretation of what the 2nd Amendment means, when the founding Fathers wrote it. The 2nd Amendment has always been a mystery, and lets be realistic here, that nobody really quite discovered it’s real meaning. The 2nd Amendment has been debated for years. Of course, everyone wants to think their version of the 2nd Amendment is exactly right. *yawn*


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