LAX shooting thoughts…

I’m sure some of you want my thoughts about that 23 year old  kid who shot a TSA agent at LAX in Los Angeles… well here are my thoughts…

Honestly, it’s no surprise that something like that would happen at an airport. Especially a gun free zone airport and since LAX is very tight with security. No matter how strict you make the gun laws and no matter how tight security is… somebody will always find their way around to commit a shooting and this is proof of it. Even though the TSA are pretty evil people — I can’t stand ’em myself — this still shouldn’t have to happen ’cause they are obviously human beings but this incident shouldn’t come as a shock to you either.

A lot of people in facebook are saying that this maybe staged by the US Government… and I wouldn’t be surprised if the Obama administration had something to do with this one.

Next thing you know, Obama will probably go on live TV the next few days to make a response to the LAX shooting… saying that he will work his way to make gun control tougher. Even if the background checks didn’t workout for Obama as he hoped… he’s probably going to find out other ways. Like I said… it doesn’t matter how tough you make the laws. People are still going to commit gun shootings.

The LAX shooting is a sad story but we’re gonna keep getting violence. They’re just gonna keep getting worse as long as Obama is still sitting in the White House. My heart goes out to the family and friends of the TSA agent who was killed, though. The shooting at LAX could have been worse.


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