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Katey Sagal finally gets her star on the Hollywood – Walk of Fame… CONGRATS!!!

Finally, “Married With Children” and “Sons of Anarchy” star Katey Sagal finally gets her star on the Hollywood – Walk of Fame. It’s about time and well deserved! Katey’s a freakin’ legend and a great actress too! I’m a huge fan of both “Married With Children” and “Sons of Anarchy”. I’m a huge fan of her roles Peg Bundy and Gemma Morrow.

As you can see here the entire Bundy family reunited and “Sons of Anarchy” star Charlie Hunnam was there to support her.

She’s not only a talented actress, she’s also one stunning looking woman for her age!!! She has always been a hottie since her “Married With Children” days.

I’ve been to Hollywood once and the Walk of Fame is cool!

And by the way, I’m not watching the final “Sons of Anarchy” season ’cause I haven’t seen Season 6 yet. I’ll wait for Netflix to update Season 6 and 7 to their streaming services and then I’ll watch the rest of it then. I’m a huge fan of “SOA” like most people. It’s kind of disappointing this show is ending this soon.


Cool Video: Paul McCartney finally gets his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame…

This makes me wish I was back in Hollywood this week so I can see Paul’s Walk of Fame Ceremony. Would have been cool to see. I love the Beatles and Paul’s solo work.

If you look at Paul in this video, you can tell that he’s pretty emotional and happy about this. Congrats, Paul. Well deserved!


Cool Video: Danny Devito finally gets his star for the Hollywood Walk of Fame…

I’ve always admired Danny Devito as an actor, director and one funny ass, comedian. He’s a great guy who treated his career in a positive note. He had a very successful career and he finally gets the respect he deserves. Danny Devito finally gets a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

He has done it all in the movie business. He doesn’t just do comedy, he can also do a serious drama role and he’s even starred in several action movies.

Some of my favorite films he have starred in are: “Throw Momma From the Train”, “Twins”, “The War of the Roses”, “Batman: Returns”, “Hoffa”, “L.A. Confidential”, “The Virgin Suicides”, “Man on the Moon”, “Heist”, “Death To Smoochy”, and I even enjoyed “Matilda” even though he directed that film and not star.

Danny is one talented man and this is well deserved. Congrats Danny!

Like I said, I’ll be visiting Los Angeles to visit family at the end of Oct. So I will probably check out the Walk of Fame. Of course, I will bring my video camera and document my Hollywood vacation. Can’t wait.


Report: Sissy Spacek finally gets a star for the Hollywood Walk of Fame!!! It’s about damn time too!!

Sissy Spacek who rose to fame for her role in Stephen King’s “Carrie” finally gets a star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame. It’s about time too. Why does this have to happen now when this should have happened to her a long time ago? Congrats Sissy!

More on the story, here.

I’ll be going on vacation to Los Angeles, California to visit family members that moved there in the Fall and I’m probably going to check out the Walk of Fame. I’m looking forward to checking out L.A. for the first time as I never been to Hollywood before. Always wanted to. Soon I’ll be able to in Oct. I’ve been to San Diego in California but never Los Angeles yet.



Cool Video: Dennis Hopper finally gets his Hollywood Star!!!

Congrats to Dennis Hopper. This was long overdue and should have happened a long time ago. Amazing actor. He was good in the movie, “Speed” but he had way better roles. I think his character in “Blue Velvet” was his best role, that movie is so moving and creepy.

It was nice of Jack Nicholson himself to show up to this, you can see old Jack at the end of the video while posing pics for photogs.

Enjoy this great moment here.


Report: Why Cheetah the Chimp gets no love on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame?

At least 20 movie stars are getting their star for the Hollywood walk of fame. Everyone from Cameron Diaz to Tim Burton to Hugh Jackman to Robert Downey Jr. and plenty more to list but Cheetah the Chimp gets ignored.

The Associated Press Reports:


Why is Hollywood ignoring Cheetah? NEWS FLASH!!!!!!

It doesn’t deserve one!

I mean come on people! Think through your heads!!!!!

You have to look at how many iconic animal stars that never got the Star on the Walk of Fame.

Lets see here… how come Keiko the whale who played Willy in the “Free Willy” movies never got a star, eh? Keiko was a pretty well known whale for many years! What about friggin’ Beethoven the dog who is also an iconic animal from movies? How come Virgil the chimp from Matthew Broderick’s film “Project X” never got a star when Virgil was pretty popular too?

Oh yeah, and what about that horse who played Black in the “Black Stallion” sequels, how come that horse never got a star? How come Bart the Bear from the movie “The Bear” never got one? What about Milo and Otis? What about Babe the pig? What about Benji? What about Toto the dog in “Wizard of Oz”?

There are only two animals that do have a Walk of Fame…they are Lassie and Rin Tin Tin. They got one because they’ve been well known for years.

Cheetah the Chimp however is not that well known and not that much of a star. Cheetah is not in Lassie’s league, that’s why the monkey doesn’t deserve one. Sorry but that’s the truth you will have to accept and this is why Hollywood continues to blast down Cheetah everytime the chimp is requested for a star. Cheetah is not star power quality.