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Ted Nugent on Cecil the Lion: “The only reason people overreact ’cause this lion was given a name and a spotlight”…

Ted Nugent promised he was gonna do a big write up on Cecil the Lion and he did right here. Ya know, I honestly believe that libtard America are freaking out over nothing for this. This animal was no different than any other lion so who cares? African animals get hunted and killed all the time. This didn’t have to be a big news story either.

Don’t believe into the media’s lies on what Walter Palmer did was “illegal”. I don’t think it was illegal and anybody that think it was, you’re too naive and dumb to follow everything the libtard media says. You just have to have one-sided opinions. Have the same opinions as the media does and I’ll have a rant about that soon.

This is an interesting write-up by the Nuge. I read it from start from finishing and it’s interesting.


Of course, liberals will never take what he says seriously ’cause he’s a hardcore conservative. It doesn’t matter whether Ted is right or not, libtards will hate him no matter what he says. Even though conservatives tries to be positive and honest, liberals will continue to hate ’cause of their “right wing” views. It’s pissing me off, really. Even though conservatives try to be nice, liberals will go on a hateful rant and call them every name in the book ’cause believe me, I get that everyday.

Who cares about this Lion, it’s just a distraction and a lousy attempt of the left to try to win 2016. I totally agree with Ted that the only reason America is freaking out about this Lion is ’cause it was given a name and a spotlight. Makes a whole lot of sense. Who in their right mind would name a lion? I don’t think Zimbabwe gave him that name, I think the media gave him that name.


Our rights for hunting is about to be the next thing liberals will want to ban, BE READY HUNTERS!!!

Like I said in a post before, I’m not a big fan of hunting at all. I tried to get into it when I was younger though but I felt it wasn’t for me. Just didn’t like the feeling of killing other animals but I have a lot of family members that are avid hunters. A lot of people around my hometown are avid hunters. They are everywhere. My hometown of Greenwich is popular with hunters ’cause there’s a lot of good places to hunt around here.

Anyway, be ready for our rights to be stripped away even more. Liberals tried gun control. Now they’re gonna try hunting. Be ready for Obama and his admin. to call on “stricter” hunting laws in the United States and Africa.

It’s coming, y’all. Your hunting days will soon be over. I’m willing to bet that Obama himself will soon send a statement on Cecil… maybe he’ll give a Rose Garden speech about it. Whenever Obama is quick to respond to things like this chances are it’s gonna be a hoax or a false flag.

You guys gotta stop taking the mainstream media seriously ’cause it’s all a bunch of made-up fictional garbage. Whatever the media says on “controversies”, chances are, I’m gonna have a different opinion and thought about it.

Liberals who are avid hunters may want to switch to conservative. Hunting game is about done. Get ready for this one, America.