Ted Nugent is right that we really need to clean house of the media, not just the government…

Not only that we really need to clean house of the US government and the White House, we also need to clean house of US mainstream news media. It should be pretty easy to see how corrupted the media is. All they do is protect liberalism the best they can. All they do is make liberalism look good and make conservatism look bad. If you have left-wing views then chances are you have been brainwashed by the mainstream media and have fallen for their bullshit. Journalism shouldn’t be like this at all. It’s good that the media is honest on the GOP & Conservative side but they need to realistic on both sides of the spectrum. Stop making liberalism look good and be realistic on them too. That’s what we all want in America, ya know? Stop this political correctness bullshit and report actual “news” is what we want to see.

Jail all the news journalists and CEO’s of news outlets. Some of you may ask, why jail ’em? Well, if they’ve agreed to protect criminals like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, that’s criminal too. If Barack and Hillary were responsible for Benghazi then the media should get arrested for protecting other criminals. If the media has been protecting fraudulent presidents like Barack Obama who doesn’t even have an authentic birth certificate then that’s criminal. If the media has been protecting Barack over other crimes such as Operation F&F, IRS, NSA and others, that’s also criminal. A lot of media journalists and CEO’s need to be jailed and replaced with “real” journalists.

If you get your news from garbage like the NY Times, Washington Post, NPR then all you’re doing is getting brainwashed with “one-sided” opinions and it’s pretty sad that a lot of people actually believe what they say.

What’s going on in the world shouldn’t be a “right vs. left” thing at all. I’m tired of it. “Right-wing” people don’t deserve to be treated this badly and I totally blame the media for that for sure. So when Donald Trump gets in the oval office, we’re gonna do some major cleaning in government and media. Wipe ’em all out and start over again is what we need.


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